Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Thanksgiving Massacre; Terror Attack Came From the Sea to Port of Mumbai, What's Next, Port of Tampa at Superbowl Feb 1st 2009 ?

Mumbai Thanksgiving Massacre; Terror Attack Came From the Sea to the Port of Mumbai, What's The Next Terrorist Target, Port of Tampa at Superbowl Feb 1st 2009 with a TV audience around the world?

The exact sequence of events remains unclear, but security personnel are establishing a picture of how the operation was planned and executed.

All the signs, officials say, point to a well-planned action carried out by a highly trained, determined group. The men appeared to have surveyed their targets in advance and were well-versed in the use of weapons and explosives, a Indian commando said. Their intention, he said, was "to create and spread terror". Investigators believe that a large group of men arrived in Mumbai from the sea around 2100 local time.

They believe that a larger ship - possibly a hijacked vessel, possibly an accomplice ship - brought them close to the shore before they switched to smaller dinghies. Once ashore, they split into two-, three- and four-man groups to attack pre-selected targets. Several of the attackers were caught on CCTV. Footage showed mainly young men, carrying automatic weapons and large rucksacks.

Officials said the rucksacks contained grenades, extra ammunition, plastic explosives and food supplies. One of the first targets was the Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station, where at least two men fired automatic weapons and threw grenades at crowds of people waiting in the main hall.
A second group opened fire at Café Leopold, a popular restaurant, while a third seized Nariman House, a business complex housing a Jewish outreach centre, taking several people hostage.A fourth group - or, some reports say, the same one that attacked the station nearby - struck the Cama and Albless hospital for women and children.

A number of drive-by shootings were also reported across the city. By around 2200 local time gun fire was being reported at two of the city's luxury hotels - the Oberoi-Trident and the Taj Mahal Palace.

The Downtown section of Tampa Fl, with the Port of Tampa and the high rise Luxury Hotels, popular restaurants and bars, is set up like Mumbai, though not as large of a population, but the Superbowl is in Tampa on Feb 1st 2009 and most of the world will be watching. As was seen in Mumbai, the terrorists love a big audience.

The Channel District, or Channelside, is a well-known restaurant, shopping, nightlife, and cultural area of Tampa that is on the rise. The Port of Tampa also occupies several of the channels in this area including Garrison Channel, Ybor Channel (see map as cargo ships go right up into the middle of the heart of Tampa), Sparkman Channel, and East Bay Channel, with operations focused on Hooker's Point, across the water from Harbor Island in the heavy cargo ship traffic in Tampa Bay.

The area that is now the aquarium and Channelside were formerly part of the port, and cruise ships are often hosted at nearby cruise terminals. The Port of Tampa is Florida's largest port, handling some 50 million tons of cargo annually. Tampa is the largest full-service American port to the Panama Canal.

Tampa’s Channelside (center of town) district is a mixed-use development of entertainment, accommodations, and retail activity. The location is popular with tourists and locals alike who come to enjoy modern conveniences along side historic treasures.

MUMBAI THANKSGIVING MASSACRE; Navy spokesman Capt. Manohar Nambiar said Thursday that the ship, the MV Alpha, had recently come to Mumbai from Karachi, Pakistan. The navy has "located the ship and now we are in the process of boarding it and searching it," he said. Earlier, Indian media showed pictures of black and yellow rubber dinghies found by the shore, apparently used by the gunmen to reach the area. Mumbai Port area set up like the Port of Tampa Fl, heavy traffic every day in Tampa Bay with cargo shipping coming in from around the world .

Some of the disturbing reports available are:
1). Eye-witnesses have said that they had seen young men in their early twenties carrying heavy rucksacks coming from high speed boats off the Gateway of India.
2). Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh has also stated that the terrorists got ashore in South Mumbai from boats.
3). Indian Navy, Coast Guard ships and two marine surveillance aircrafts and choppers were pressed into service off Mumbai coast to look for ‘Mother Ship’ which could have ferried the terrorists who carried out attacks.
4). The Indian Navy says that they have boarded a cargo vessel MV Alpha suspected to have involved in bringing the terrorists to Indian shores. Further reports are expected.

Bill Warner
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