Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai Muslim Attackers Came From the Sea & Karachi, Planned to kill 5,000, had Foreign SIM Cards & Fake ID"s From Bangladesh,

This time the terror rose from the sea to strike at the very heart of Mumbai. The city crime branch probing the terror attack on Saturday confirmed that only 10 terrorists had entered the city just an hour before the hostage drama unfolded on November 26. While nine of them were killed in encounter, a 21-year-old was captured alive.

Arms and ammunition brought in by the terrorists was enough to kill around 5,000 people, said police. Cops officially put toll at 162, including 18 foreign nationals. The arrested terrorist, Ajmal Mohammed Amir Kasab (his photo above), resident of Faridkot village in Pakistani Punjab's Ukada district, told investigators all the terrorists had come from Karachi, police said. Police recovered his satphone, a GPS tracker, and Indian currency of Rs 6,200. The satphone contains a dozen international numbers. The commandos said they were surprised at how much ammunition the terrorists had. There still was a lot left, even after the attack (inside help at Taj, storage of heavy boxes of ammo). "Terrorists are far more advanced today. We didn't realize that they had satellite phones for communication or that they would be so advanced and use incendiary bombs," one commando said. The siege was particularly troubling because "they didn't spare women or children."

They had come in a ship and used a boat (rubber dingy's) to come to the shore, said the police. "Four Indians were already on the boat and the terrorists killed three of them while they used one, Amar Narayan, to handle the boat. When the boat was just 3 nautical miles away from shore, they slit Narayan's throat and dumped his body.

They then used their own skill to come to shore." "After landing at Fish Market at Cuffe Parade near Colaba, they formed four groups and hired taxis to reach to their destinations.

A group of two young terrorists entered Hotel Oberoi, four into Hotel Taj Mahal, two stormed into Nariman House while the rest entered the CST railway station from its mail trains' gate. Their plan was just to cause maximum damage and return with hostages protecting themselves," said Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner of police, crime branch. the terrorists had packed huge quantities of dates, almonds and raisins, which they ate during the three-day gun battle.

According to crime branch officials, a batch of ten terrorists landed at Machchimar Nagar at Cuffe Parade at around 8.30 pm on Wednesday in dinghies. From there, as reported by us earlier, they split in four groups. Four of them went toward the Taj, two to CST, two to the Trident and the final two to Nariman House. In all, these men hired four taxis. Crime Branch officers now suspect that possibly explosive devices were left in these cabs both of which went off within 15 minutes of each other and seem otherwise unrelated to the main terror operation.

Foreign SIM cards, fake IDs from Bangladesh , 30 Nov 2008, TIMESOFINDIA.COM. NEW DELHI: In the fresh leads from the Mumbai terror attack investigation, Intelligence sources say they intercepted conversation between Muzammil, Muzaffarabad chief of LeT operations, and a certain Yahya in Bangladesh. Yahya arranged SIM cards, fake ID-cards primarily from western countries like Mauritius, UK, US, Australia.

A Mauritian identity card was found on one of the terrorists shot down. ( Watch ) The satellite phone found on the MV Kuber also has shown that calls were made to Jalalabad. These calls were traced to Zakir Ur Rehman, a chief of training of the LeT. Intelligence sources have also revealed that in the second week of July, intelligence officials knew about 25 terrorists training in the Pakistan village of Durbari Mitho, and that an ISI agent was also involved in the training.

Bill Warner
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