Sunday, November 23, 2008


The following moronic article was posted defaming John Walsh and America's Most Wanted (AMW) for not doing enough (or saying enough) on the Yaser Said Case Episode of 11/22/08.

John Walsh and AMW are directly responsible for the capture of 1,046 rapists, murderers, bank robbers, drug dealers, pedophiles and scum of all kind. I viewed the Saturday 11/22/2008 Episode Case on Yaser Said and found it factually correct, chilling, threatening and sending a message that honor killings will not be tolerated.

See what this "person" posted without even viewing the AMW Episode in question Sunday, November 23, 2008. AMERICA'S MOST ..... DISHONEST;
Close to a year after Amina and Sarah's death, America's Most Wanted did a segment on the story and rewrote history. The deliberate silence of media, law enforcement, culture and the families, this disconnect in the West, endangers our ability to fight the global jihad and jeopardizes the lives of those who wish to escape the shackles of the oppression of women in Islam.

I haven't seen it yet (AMW Episode on Yaser Said) but Here is Aunt Gail's reaction. I am vomiting.

I am livid! My heart is broken for poor Amina! They portrayed her as a killer and even used a knife as an assumed weapon of choice. How dare they! Then, to show these girls plotting against a man who they feared more than a rattlesnake! How preposterous! In this airing, the producer and John Walsh made the victims seem deserving of what Yasser did to them. Now, I see them as victims of a show intended to bring justice!

You know, the facts were all wrong. Why? I know that I have spoken to this producer for months now! So has Joyce Boucher as well! Let me do a reality check! Here are the facts they misrepresented: My niece is not Arabic nor, is she Hispanic looking! She is pale skinned and blue eyed! They represented this as an Arabic family with a dictator father and husband. Another fact totally avoided...ISLAM, the brother and son of the parents from hell.

Where was the part of Sarah's call where she says," no, not again, (door opens) I'm dying, my blood, stop it!" These were Sarah's own words to her father. She is telling him, LOOK, see my blood! I'm dying, you do not need to do more to me! But, to no avail, he finishes her off as she is on the cell phone with the police who placed her on hold! How dare they!

I used to have a lot of respect for John Walsh as I know that man had to walk through hell when his own child was abducted. Now, I resent him saying this case was special to him! Yeah, right John John! I saw his true colors tonight and he is definitely in this for the money...oh, of course, "in my opinion!!!!!" He did not even understand the term, honor killing, " Some people say this was an honor killing. But, there's no honor in this." Again, how dare he!

John Walsh and AMW did the best possible job in delivering the available 'evidence' on the Yaser Said Episode Case, see my prior post, Sunday, November 23, 2008 America's Most Wanted Accurately Depicts "Honor Killer" Yaser Abdel Said As Controlling Monster, "He Treats Me Like a Whore" Sarah Said wrote in a IM, what more could be broadcast on prime time TV at 9:00 pm ?

This was the second time AMW featured Yaser Said in the last 11 months !
AMW has to be bound by some journalistic codes, it is not a 'blog' were anything goes !

AMW showed the (nasty) actor playing Yaser Abdel Said pointing a loaded gun at his daughters, in the Said house, before the Said girls were killed by Yaser Abdel Said, and AMW' s John Walsh played the 911 call of the "Said Girl " screaming "My Fahter is Killing me" as she was being shot" by Yaser Said on prime time TV, what more could they do, how much more graphic do you want to get !

Bill Warner
Private Investigator