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Blood and Honour raids and arrest, Three people have been arrested for allegedly organising neo-Nazi concerts, Blood & Honour links to Vlaams Belang

Members of Blood & Honour from an earlier concert in Albury. (File Photo from 2007). Three people have been arrested for allegedly organising neo-Nazi concerts (Blood & Honour). The federal judicial authorities and the judicial authorities of Kortrijk and Veurne (West Flanders) have arrested three people who allegedly organised neo-Nazi concerts.

An investigation has been launched. The arrests were made after police raided several houses in Antwerp BELGIAN, Bocholt (Limburg province) BELGIAN and Gullegen (West Flanders) BELGIAN. Inspectors also seized computers and documents.The three have been taken in for questioning. (In the past, see below, Blood & Honour linked to the BELGIAN Vlaams Belang political party).

Two of them were released later today.The official charge is violation of anti-racism laws during the organisation of neo-Nazi
Blood and Honour concerts in Diksmuide (West Flanders) BELGIAN last weekend and in Bellegem (West Flanders, near Kortrijk) last April. The suspects possibly organised other concerts as well.

The investigation started after a German undercover journalist attended the Blood and Honour concert in Bellegem BELGIAN to make a tv-report. The judicial authorities have seized tv-footage from the gathering. Undercover police officers attending also noticed violations of racism laws. "Some were declaiming racist texts and others gave the Hitler salute", says Eric Van der Sypt of the federal judiciary.

Blood & Honour links to Vlaams Belang. See prior article on Blood and Honour and Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) Party; September 8, 2006,Police raid army barracks 'to foil Nazi terror plot' By David Charter in Brussels... BELGIAN police claimed yesterday to have foiled a neo-Nazi terrorist plot after arresting 11 soldiers and seizing a large quantity of weapons during raids on five army barracks. The federal prosectutor’s office said that the group had planned to destabilise the country and had apparently infiltrated the military. It had also amassed a sophisticated range of arms and explosives. Lieve Pellens, a spokeswoman for the office, said:

They were extreme right, with anti-Semitic and xenophobic ideals. They were recruiting in military circles with the aim possibly to move to action.” All the arrests were made in the Dutch-speaking Flanders region, where there has been a steady rise in support for the far-right anti-immigrant Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) Party. The suspects allegedly belonged to a breakaway faction of the far-right Flemish group Blood and Honour. Police also detained six civilians, who are expected to appear in court today. Prosecutors said that a two-year inquiry into the splinter group Bloed-Bodem-Eer-Trouw (Blood, Soil, Honour, Loyalty) led them to a stockpile of weapons that included a large quantity of ammunition, pistols, rifles and landmine detonators.

A statement relased by the prosecutor’s office said that those arrested were mainly “soldiers and people with an extreme-right ideology who clearly express themselves through racism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism” and that the alleged ringleader was a serving military man “who intended to put terrorist ideas into practice”. Le Soir newspaper identified the man as “B.T.”, a member of the Belgian Army’s 5th regiment.

It reported that police also found a bomb and detonator strong enough to blow up a car, gas masks, uniforms, propaganda material and neo-Nazi symbols and literature. Le Soir claimed that B.T. had built up the network over two and a half years, finding recruits who shared an extreme right-wing ideology, organising paramilitary training weekends and forging links with other outlawed groups such as de Nationale Alliante (the National Alliance aka National Formation see below) in the Netherlands.

The Blood and Honour
skinhead organization has a branch in Serbia, where it is called Krv i čast. On their official web site, members of the Serbian branch claim they intend "to propagate revolutionary idea of National Socialism without compromise. Also, the intention of Serbian Blood and Honour Division is to motivate all NS followers to radical activities and not only to passive observing or listening to the music." This organization, with chapters in several Serbian cities, organized several memorial concerts on the anniversary of Hitler's birth, starting in 2001.
Blood and Honour has a branch in Kula & Novi Sad Serbia, where it is called Krv i čast. Its website claims that the group intends "to propagate revolutionary idea of National Socialism without compromise. Also, the intention of Serbian Blood and Honour Division is to motivate all NS followers to radical activities.

Blood & Honour is a neo-Nazi music promotion network, founded in 1987, that is comprised of
white power skinheads and other white nationalists. The group organises white power concerts and distributes records by Rock Against Communism (RAC) bands. Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer of the band Skrewdriver, was the founder and one of the prominent leaders until his death in 1993.
Blood & Honour took its name from the motto of the Hitler Youth, Blut und Ehre. Sometimes the code 28 stands for Blood & Honour, derived from the second and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet, B and H.

Blood and Honour has a branch in Novi Sad Serbia, where it is called Krv i čast they link to Nacionalni stroj (National Formation), a neo-Nazi organization from the Vojvodina region (KULA & NOVI SAD), they orchestrated several incidents in 2005. Charges were laid against 18 of the leading members in late 2005, and each of them faced up to eight years in prison. The group was still active in 2008, as was demonstrated by a display of religious hatred.

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