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The bizarre world of Jane Felix-Browne, Mrs Bin Laden, Omar not Osama, or was he the first ?

Jane Felix-Browne aka Paula Joy Hanson already knew some members of the bin Laden family through her Islamic marriage to a Saudi man in London when she was 16 (this would be 1972). She believes that she actually met Osama bin Laden at a party in London in the 1970s (when she was married to the Saudi VIP, this would be from 1972 to 1975). Jane Felix-Browne's first husband was a Saudi Student she met in Manchester when she was 16 years old , it was a secret marriage that lasted only for three years, but a son, David, came from the marriage, he is now 34. The marriage does not appear in the official records. Nor does one to the father of her oldest son Dave, who also uses the surname Felix-Browne. That Saudi whose name is a big secret that Zeina or Jane is going to take with her to the grave is the father of her son Dave ,there are rumors that this Saudi is a VIP and the only VIP in Saudi Arabia during that time and now is in the Royal family, she seems to love the Saudi VIPs .

'At 11 years old, she started running away from home because I was beaten by an uncle. I was taken to a children's court in Manchester and they sent me to a residential unit where I spent nine months. My problems stem from those times.' The problems are many ? as are the ex-husbands.

In 1979, she married Anthony Lomas, a furrier based in Manchester. They had two sons . Vincent, now 28, and Dean, 27. But the marriage quickly foundered with Jane's infidelity. She embarked on an affair with a man whom she and Lomas met through a shared interest in CB radios ? former Hell's Angel Peter Dakin, now 51 and living in Manchester.

He recalled: 'Her CB radio handle was Ebony Queen because of her long, dark hair. But she should have been called Evil Witch after the way she treated me.' Dakin and Jane embarked on a passionate affair. At the time, he was a member of the notorious bikers' chapter, Satan's Slaves, based in Prestwich, Manchester. 'She made the first moves,' he recalled. 'She always made it clear that whatever she wanted she would get. She was a very determined lady.'

The affair was discovered when Jane's husband overheard them talking on CB radio. Lomas moved out, leaving Jane and their sons ? then just 18 months and less than a year old ? and Dakin moved in. 'She always liked money and nice things,' Dakin recalled. 'We kept several horses, including an Arab mare and a stallion, and she became an expert rider. She told me she had changed her name from Paula to Jane. Perhaps she was trying to hide from her past.'

Back then, Metcalfe was the secretary and treasurer of Satan's Slaves and Jane was a hard-drinking, high-living woman. They met when she arrived on her 125cc motorcycle to sort out a problem with a car she had loaned to a friend. Metcalfe was a passenger and it was, according to him, 'love at first sight'. 'We only courted for three weeks. I was smitten by her. She told me she was part Jewish ? I don't know how that sits with her new husband ? and had a half-sister. She also claimed to have a secret son called David, who would now be in his 30s. .

'We had a massive biker wedding that made the local paper under the headline, ?Satan's bride Paula is slave to love?. 'I fell for her big time and I believed she loved me. I even gave up the Slaves for her and brought her sons Vincent and Dean to live with us. I was their stepfather.' But their happiness was short-lived. According to Metcalfe: 'The marriage went downhill rapidly when the sex suddenly stopped. What had been fantastic suddenly petered out.

Article from the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, 13 July 2007, Jane Felix-Browne, 52, is a bit odd, granted, with a face unnaturally smoothed, it was rumoured, by Botox and the surgeon's scalpel.

She was always off on exotic jaunts to the Middle East, and spoke of her devout Islamic faith - but all in clipped English tones. And, of course, there was the small matter of her five former husbands, as well as her latest, who at 27 is young enough to be her son. According to friends, Mrs Felix-Browne has had a breast enlargement, a face lift and a bottom lift. One said: "She doesn't look her age, but then again she's had a lot of work done. She's quite open about it, she's had her boobs and her face done. "She told people she'd had it done in Egypt because it is cheaper over there. She's very thin and attractive, if you like that sort of thing." However, another friend added: "She looks a bit frightening, a bit like Michael Jackson."

"Of course I knew who he was (Omar Bin Laden). Someone told me before he did - but I said 'So what?' When Omar and I talked at length, he asked me if I knew the name. I said: 'Of course.' "He asked if it was OK, and I said yes, fine. I'm not the sort of person who is fazed by anything, and I truly believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty, so I wasn't about to start judging his father.

"What is that famous saying? 'One should never revisit the sins of the father on the son.'"Following their marriage, the newlyweds spend up to 16 hours a day on the phone, billing and cooing - presumably as MI6, the CIA and Saudi intelligence operatives listen in.

"I would like to settle in Saudi with him. Of course, I'd keep my home in Cheshire - I am British, after all - but a woman's place is by her husband's side." But doesn't he already have a home? And a wife ? "Yes, but I'd set up another home nearby, and he would come and go between the two. It is quite normal, really. I don't mind at all - why should I? I'm not jealous of his wife. "I have spoken to her. Lots of married men in this country have girlfriends. At least he is being honest."

Bill Warner
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