Sunday, November 09, 2008

Attention Islamic Suicide Bombers, Omar bin-Laden Married to a former Biker & Omar Bakri's Daughter is a Stripper, The Girls of al-Qaeda, Bombs Away.

The Girls of al-Qaeda are having a ball and the Islamic Radical Suicide Bombers of al-Qaeda are blowing their's off. Not much of a fair trade here, Osama bin-Laden and Omar Bakri Mohammed require their followers to adhere to strict radical Wahhabi current of Islam and yet their sons and daughters are involved with hookers, drugs, nightclubs and strippers.

TERROR chief Osama bin Laden’s son spoke of his happiness at marrying an eccentric Cheshire gran. Omar bin Laden, 27, issued a statement confirming he had re-tied the knot with Jane Felix-Browne, 52. She has been married five times before. Jeddah scrap metal dealer Omar, the fourth son of al-Qaeda’s fugitive leader, hit back at critics in his homeland. The Saudi insisted his bride, who had a Jewish great-grandfather, was a Muslim of partly Kuwaiti descent.

"Muslim Suicide Bomber" No such animal. Oxymoron, says Na'im AbdurRafi of Binghamton NY. A person crosses the line from Muslim to non-Muslim upon resolving to commit suicide. They are doing more than committing the most egregious of sins. They are abandoning the protection of the Creator. Desperate people commit suicide--people in despair. You cannot believe in Allah, fear Allah, trust Allah, depend on Allah, etc., and be in despair.

But suppose the aggressor kills with computerized weapons and all you have are rocks. What do you do? What did David do? You fight. By any means necessary. If you must make a bomb of your body that's what you do. And you are hopeful of victory. You are not in despair. Have there been desperate bombers? Among the Kamikaze? Among the Basque? Among the Algerians? Among the IRA? Among the Palestinians? Among the early Christians who bore witness in the face of certain torturous death at the hands of the Romans? Maybe. Only the Creator knows intentions--what is in the heart. The difference between intention fueled by despair and that fueled by hope is like the difference between the Hellfire and Paradise, says Na'im AbdurRafi. (PARADISE FOR THE MUSLIM SUICIDE BOMBER).

In other words, Na'im AbdurRafi claims that the Muslim suicide bomber does not commit "suicide" if he blows up America soldiers, and himself, for the cause of jihad, Praise Allah. "It seems many other American youngsters are receiving the mercy of Allah. They have traveled to many parts of the world to destroy Islam. Their resolve is to kill whomever stands in the way or who does not get out of the way quickly enough. But by the mercy of Allah, death is preventing them from acting on their resolve", so says Na'im AbdurRafi the owner of "Muslim Mart USA" in Binghamton NY

Bill Warner
Private investigator