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America's Most Wanted Accurately Depicts "Honor Killer" Yaser Abdel Said As Controlling Monster, "He Treats Me Like a Whore" Sarah Said wrote in a IM

America's Most Wanted Accurately Depicts "Honor Killer" Yaser Abdel Said As A Controlling Monster, Girls 911 Call Played As He Shot Them Is Chilling ! Saturday November 22, 2008.

AMW's featured episode was about the Honor Killing of the "Said Girls" by their monster of a father Yaser Abdel Said. I have been on this horrible case since the start on 1/01/2008, supplying "others" with inside information of locations of Yaser Abdel Said and his far flung relatives and I have had several conversations with the Irving Police Department who are working as hard as possible to find Yaser Said in the "Muslim Underground".

AMW and John Walsh accurately showed Yaser Abdel Said as a threatening, overbearing, controlling monster, in one scene Yaser Abdel Said pulls out what appears to be a 9 mm semi-auto and points it at the girls just because they wanted to got to a High School pep rally with a boy-friend.

On January 1, 2008, Yaser Said brutally murdered teen aged sisters Sarah and Amina Said. Police say the killer shot the girls to death in the back of a taxi cab and then fled. The murder shocked the town of Lewisville, Texas, where the girls were from. But when police revealed the identity of the suspected killer, it shocked the nation.

Police have charged the girls' father -- Yaser Said -- with capital murder as well as unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. "I just don't understand," said Connie Maggio, the girls' aunt. "Those girls were horrified -- they must have been -- to have their dad pointing a gun at them." But the girls' family, like Maggio, say in order to understand the way the girls died, it's important to take a closer look at the way they lived. On the outside, they were beautiful young women who lived with determination and grace. But on the inside, they hid a secret.

"He treats me like a whore," Sarah Said wrote in an instant message conversation wither her friend, Zohair Zaidi. Before they were killed, Sarah and Amina Said told friends they had a difficult relationship with their father, Yaser.

At school, the girls were respected by their teachers and peers. They had good grades and made it clear they hoped to go to college, and then medical school. They were known for their signature smiles.

But at home, the girls confessed to friends that they shed tears more often than not, because of their difficult relationship with their father. In 1998, the girls filed a police report, alleging that their father sexually abused them, but they later recanted the story. However, they did confess to a few friends that the abuse continued.

"He treats me like a whore," Sarah Said wrote in an instant message conversation wither her friend, Zohair Zaidi. Zohair said that the girls told him they were rarely allowed to participate in after school activities and that their father controlled every move they made. Yaser made it clear they were especially forbidden from developing relationships with boys. In fact, Zohair said Sarah had programmed his phone number in her phone as "Amanda" so her dad wouldn't be suspicious of their friendship.

However, it's what Yaser Said learned on Dec. 26, 2007, that allegedly sent him over the edge. Patricia Said told AMW that on that day, her husband learned that Amina had a boyfriend. Yaser Said was so upset, he allegedly threatened his daughters with a handgun. Later that night, after Yaser went to work, the girls convinced their mother to run away with them. But days later, the girls and their mother returned home after Yaser Said promised to change. Upon returning, Yaser invited his daughters to go to dinner with him. As the girls got into his taxi cab, they made it known they feared for their lives. Zohair says he received a final and haunting text message.

Sarah sent him a text message saying that they were back home and that she was worried. Zohair said he had a terrible feeling something was going to happen so he sent her a passage from the Koran, which translates as, "We are from God and to him we shall return." It was the last time he spoke to Sarah. Shortly after, the Irving Police Department received a 9-1-1 call from Sarah Said saying that her father had shot her, and that she was dying.

When police found the girls, they were dead. Yaser Said fled and remains on the lam. He is 6'2" tall and weighs 180 lbs. He smokes Marlboro Light 100 cigarettes and likes to go to diners, including Denny's and IHOP.

AMW and John Walsh also delves into the sexual attacks that appeared to have taken place on both of the girls by their father Yaser Abdel Said. As AMW's John Walsh says at the end of the episode, he has placed Yaser Abdel Said on his Top 10 Most Wanted List and mentions that some in the media had called the murder and "Honor Killing", Walsh says there is no "Honor" in this murder and
"Let's Get This Dirt Bag, Yaser Said" !

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