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1960s Radicals Predict Rebirth of Social Activism, Bernardine Dohrn not a terrorist, she & Jamal Joseph linked to 1981 Brinks Robbery & Killing Cops

At a table in the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea, Tom Hayden sat next to Bernardine Dohrn. Next to her was Jamal Joseph. Forty years ago, Mr. Hayden was a co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a driving force behind the movement against the Vietnam War (and violent protests nationwide).

He was also a member of the Chicago Seven (terrorists), who were tried on charges of conspiring to incite a riot at the Democratic National Convention in 1968.

Ms. Dohrn was also a leader of S.D.S., and would later help form a violent splinter group called the Weather Underground (terrorists) that bombed government buildings in the early 1970s. Mr. Joseph was a young Black Panther in Harlem who went to prison in the ’80s for harboring a fugitive (he links to the 1981 Brinks Robbery as does Dohrn )

Today, Mr. Hayden, Ms. Dohrn and Mr. Joseph are the trash that are going to be forced down our throats through Pres-Elect Barack Obama's Community Organization programs. Both Dohrn and Jamal Joseph did time in Federal Prisons.

Mr. Hayden, Ms. Dohrn and Mr. Joseph met at the gallery to discuss the 1960s and the impact of an Obama presidency on the American political left. Of all the radicals, however, the one who played the biggest role in the presidential race, William Ayers, Ms. Dohrn’s husband, was not there. Mr. Ayers, who also helped found the Weather Underground, is now a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bernardine Dohrn said she felt “tremendously lucky to have been together (with Bill Ayers) for almost 40 years now.” She added that they were still “proud radicals,” and were “definitively not now, or then, terrorists.” See FBI Wanted poster for terrorist Bernardine Dohrn.

BERNARDINE DOHRN 04556-054, age now 66, White F , RELEASED 12-23-1982
Bernardine Dohrn was linked to the 1981 Brinks robbery and cop killing.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: January 6, 1983; A Federal judge has freed Bernardine Dohrn, who was jailed seven months ago for refusing to cooperate with a Federal grand jury investigating the 1981 Brink's armored-car robbery in Rockland County.

Investigators have stated that Bernardine Dohrn may have played a small part (or helped plan) the 1981 Brinks’ robbery. Bernardine Dohrn was the manager of the Manhattan children’s boutique Broadway Baby in 1979, which gave her access to customer information; with this information, it was possible for Dohrn to assist in creating fake identification for Family members (Weathermen). Bernardine Dohrn was suspected of assisting those involved by obtaining false drivers’ licenses for them. Bernardine Dohrn had listed an address of 520 West 123rd Street New York NY, two blocks above Columbia Univ. Teachers College.

"November 27, 1980 A woman who has lived on the West Side of Manhattan for two years has been identified as Bernardine Dohrn, the fugitive leader of the radical Weather Underground". According to a 1982 New York Times report, "Broadway Baby" which opened in July of 1979, was implicated in an investigation of a series of violent armed robberies in New York—netting more than $2 million over a two-year span—committed by former Black Panthers and Weather Underground members in the early ’80s.

EDWARD (JAMAL) JOSEPH. Age now 55..Race Black..12-24-1987 RELEASED

Jamal Joseph is a teacher at Columbia University, but in 1968, at 15, he was among those protesting at the campus when student dissenters and their allies seized control of school administration buildings including Low Memorial Library and the office of the Columbia president, Grayson L. Kirk. A year later he was among a group of Panthers who were charged with conspiring to blow up police station houses and the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Jamal Joseph had gone by the first name of Edward in the 1970's

In 1981, Mr. Joseph, who also went by the first name Edward, was charged with taking part in the robbery of a Brink’s armored car in Rockland County in which two police officers and a guard were killed. He was acquitted of participating in the robbery but convicted of helping hide another man who took part. He spent five and a half years in Leavenworth Prison.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator