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Suspect arrested in Anne Pressly murder; Reported by: David Goins, Last Update: NOVEMBER 27th, 2008, 7:54 pm LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Little Rock police are preparing for the first court appearance for the man accused of killing KATV News Anchor Anne Pressly. A murder warrant was issued for Curtis Vance, 28, late Wednesday afternoon. Hours later vance was arrested.Just before 4AM, police walked Vance out of police headquarters charged with capital murder.

There is very little as far as nation wide criminal history for Curtis Lavelle Vance, DOB 10/22/1980, just a criminal traffic in 2002 in Santa Cruz County, California Courts, CA.
Offense Date: 12/19/2002
Case Number:M15451
Offense Type:Traffic/Other
Offense Code: N/A
Offense Description: UNSPECIFIED OFFENSE
Date Reported: 12/19/2002

The cameo role of a bubbly, blond TV anchorwoman in the controversial movie "W." is being looked at as a possible motive in her bloody beating and subsequent death inside her Arkansas home, authorities said. Anne Pressly landed a part in "W" as a blonde conservative political pundit just like Anne Coulter. Anne Pressly died of her injuries on Saturday, 10/25/08. "[It] is possible that it is something other than robbery," police spokeswoman Cassandra Davis told reporters Tuesday. "Our detectives are talking with co-workers because she was a public figure, because she was on the news, in the media." Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News contributor, said the attack has many earmarks related to stalking. "Someone who is struck multiple times tends to lend itself to someone who had an obsession with her or knew her, because it's personal versus someone who was going to steal," Garrett told "Good Morning America."

UPDATE SATURDAY 11/01/08.. AMW TO PROFILE ANNE PRESSLY CASE; Investigators have released new clues to America's Most Wanted on who they believe was reponsible for fatally beating television anchor woman Anne Pressly. Employees at a fitness center in Little Rock told AMW producers that police collected surveillance video from a camera on the exterior of their facility, which was trained on a nearby road. It appears that Anne Pressly frequented this fitness center. Cops say Anne was beaten in the head and chest area, and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital before she died. Investigators are trying to determine why Anne was attacked they say there is the potential that the attacker was a stalker. FOX16 News learned police seized video surveillance tapes from a fitness center a stone's throw from Anne's house.

Pressly had a small role in the Oliver Stone movie "W," which opened Friday 10/17/08. She appeared as a conservative commentator who speaks favorably of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" event on an aircraft carrier early in the Iraq war. Anne Pressly, 26, the morning anchor for KATV-TV in Little Rock, was found by her mother at about 4:30 a.m. Monday 10/20/08 (just 3 days after the movie "W" opened) lying in her bed and bleeding from "severe injuries," police said. "We do believe she was beaten," Sgt. Cassandra Davis of the Little Rock Police Department told FOXNews.com. She said the injuries were to the upper body and included stab wounds.

Investigators are also looking into whether Anne Pressly, 26, was a random victim of a home-invasion robbery or targeted by a stalker. "It is possible that it is something other than robbery," said Little Rock police spokeswoman Cassandra Davis. "Our detectives are talking with co-workers because she was a public figure, because she was on the news, in the media." Anne Pressly's father speaks out about the brutal attack on his daughter. Guy Cannady says he wonders if the attacker targeted his daughter because of her high profile job as a news anchor at KATV.

Police haven't ruled out the possibility that the assault was motivated by Pressly's portrayal of a slim blonde right-wing pundit (Anne Coutler) in the new Oliver Stone biopic about President Bush, "W". Pressly was found by her mother as she lay in her bed on blood-soaked sheets, police said. She had failed to respond to a wake-up call for her shift on "Daybreak," a morning news show on Little Rock ABC affiliate KATV.

Anne Pressly, suffered cuts and bruises to her upper body and head caused by an unknown blunt object. Cops said there were no signs of forced entry (4:00 a.m. ?) - although her purse was missing - and her two cocker spaniels were found outside the house by a neighbor.

The "W" film's casting director noticed her and cast her to appear as a Coulter-like talking head who speaks favorably of Bush's 2003 "Mission Accomplished" event, in which he landed a jet on an aircraft carrier. The night before the attack, Pressly dined at a restaurant with Mallory Hardin, a friend and fellow TV reporter, before going to see the movie Sunday 10/19/08.

Later, she exchanged text messages with Hardin - saying she was delighted by her brief appearance. "If there's one person who doesn't have an enemy, it is Anne Pressly," Hardin told NBC's "Today" show. Hardin, who works as a reporter for NBC affiliate KARK in Little Rock, said Pressly is "wonderful to everybody" she meets.

"She's never said anything to me about any type of stalker," said Hardin. "This is just a shock to everybody." Davis also said that there are no police reports "in reference to any stalking" incidents ever filed by Pressly.

Little Rock PD - In a statement released Monday, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas defended his agency's handling of the Anne Pressly homicide investigation; Detectives assigned to the Department’s Violent Crimes, Homicide, and Crime Scene Search Units are actively participating in this investigation. The Department has also utilized the assistance of the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, the North Little Rock Police Department and the United States Secret Service during the course of the past week. Personnel with the Crime Laboratory have invested significant effort and hours in the furtherance of this investigation and the members of the Little Rock Police Department are grateful for their work.

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