Friday, October 17, 2008


FBI drops designation of Said murders as "honor killing

NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T, YASER ABDEL SAID IS NO LONGER A "HONOR KILLER" SO SAY THE FBI. FBI drops designation of Said Girls murder as "honor killing". Reportedly, the girls were murdered due to an "Honor Killing." On October 4th 2008, I was one of the first to post an article on the FBI listing Yaser Abdel Said as a Honor Killer in the murder of his two daughters, see prior post from information on the Yaser Said's FBI Most Wanted Poster as of Saturday, October 04, 2008, MURDER SUSPECT YASER ABDEL SAID MAKES FBI MOST WANTED LIST FOR "MUSLIM HONOR KILLING" OF HIS DAUGHTERS.

See also here, "Another Kind of Terrorism" By Phyllis Chesler Pajamas Media - Chesler Chronicles Wednesday, October 08, 2008 It’s official now. Over the weekend, the FBI finally added Yaser Abdel Said to its Most Wanted List for the ‘Muslim Honor Killing’ Of His Daughters. Bill Warner, who is apparently an FBI Florida based consultant, is the one who defines it as a Muslim honor killing.

Yaser Abdel Said is wanted for murder. On 1/01/08, Said took his two teen aged daughters for a ride in his taxi cab, under the guise of taking them to get something to eat. He drove them to a secluded park in Irving, Texas, where he allegedly shot both girls to death. The 17- and 18-year-old girls were dating American boys, which was contrary to their father's rules of not dating non-Muslim boys. Reportedly, the girls were murdered due to an "Honor Killing." Said may have fled to New York.

As of October 16th, 2008 (see the Top "new corrected wanted poster") Yaser Abdel Said is no longer a Honor Killer but on October 4th 2008 he is (see Bottom "old wanted poster"). Most probably the status changed due to pressure from a Muslim advocacy organization, you pick one.

Prior to the Fox News article of "First Time FBI Calls Case an 'Honor Killing' "
Tuesday, October 14, 2008, By Maxim Lott, I was interviewed by the author Maxim Lott on 3 different occasions concerning my background investigation of Yaser Abdel Said and his possible locations, I had told Mr. Lott that it was totally out of character for the FBI to have made such a statement (Honor Killing), and that the ultra Conservative FBI never reveals even the slightest bit of information on any case to anyone, ever.

For the FBI to come out and say the the Said girls murder was a "Honor Killing" was destined to be short lived, they never admit to anything, and do not to want to upset so called "Moderate Muslims" whatever that means !

Bill Warner
Private Investigator