Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murdered Boynton Beach woman stabbed more than 200 times with screwdriver by Huffington Post Blogger Carol Anne Burger

Police: Murdered Boynton Beach woman stabbed more than 200 times with screwdriver By Jerome Burdi South Florida Sun-Sentinel 2:40 PM EDT, October 29, 2008 . Jessica Kalish's estranged wife stabbed her with a screwdriver 222 times in the garage of their Boynton Beach home on October 22, police said. Though most of the wounds were not enough to kill, investigators said, the fatal blow was to the neck, severing the spinal cord, it was a very slow death, she suffered greatly. (On October 21 Carol Anne Burger was posting two favorble Barack Obama articles to the Huffington Post website, they are left wing "bloggers").

Carol Anne Burger, 57, then put her wife's body in the back seat of Kalish's BMW and drove the car to a medical lot in the 2300 block of South Congress Avenue where she left it. Though police are still reviewing evidence, Lt. Gary Chapman said it is believed Burger then left Kalish's keys and wallet behind a business at 548 East Gateway Blvd., about 5 miles away. Burger, a triathlete, then walked home. Listen to Audio CLICK HERE of Carol Burger calling 911 on 10/23/08 to report her roommate, Jessica Kalish, missing (who she murdered on 10/22/08). Within a day, both would be found dead.

Jessica Kalish was killed on Oct. 22. (on Oct. 21 , Burger was posting 2 articles about Barack Obama to the Huffington Post) The next day, Oct, 23rd, Burger filed a missing person's report with police, see 911 call above, saying Kalish did not show up to work and missed a doctor's appointment.Police found Kalish's body that night. On Friday, Oct. 24, Burger fatally shot herself in the head in their backyard.

Kalish, a software executive, married Carol Anne Burger in Massachusetts and the two lived together at 3300 Churchill Drive.

They split up and Kalish started dating again. They were trying to sell the house they co-owned and Burger was unemployed, working for free as a journalist for the Huffington Post Web site, and contributing to presidential election campaign coverage. Neighbors said they seemed like a happy couple.

Police linked Burger to the murder when they used Luminol, a chemical that makes blood visible after a cleanup."The test indicated a tremendous amount of blood had been cleaned up from the garage, washing machine, a shower, a bathroom floor and a bathroom sink," police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said."The Luminol also revealed Burger's sneaker prints in the garage, indicative of her walking through the blood."

The Web site The Huffington Post tapped Carol Anne Burger to cover the election (for Obama ) from Florida this month, the job seemed to give her renewed focus. Burger burned to write a story for the site's front page and poured herself into the work. Carol Anne Burger killed Jessica Kalish on October 22, on October 21 she was posting two Barack Obama articles on the Huffington Post, see her articles below.

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