Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mad Dog Rapist Murderer Brian Nichols says he was at war with U.S. Government in taped confession, when he killed Judge Roland Barnes and others !

Mad dog rapist murderer Brian Nichols says he was at war with U.S. government in taped confession, when he murdered Judge Rowland Barnes and others.
By STEVE VISSER, JEFFRY SCOTT Tuesday, October 07, 2008.

Brian Nichols was at war with the United States government and “all of the persons killed were employees of the United States government, there was no collateral damage” he claimed in a videotape confession played Tuesday detailing how he shot and killed four people during a 26-hour crime spree.

Nichols is setting the table for his temporary insanity defense, this dirt bag killed four good people in a matter of minutes, of all the cases that I have been involved with, he most assuredly deserves the death penalty !

Nichols, on trial for the March 11, 2005 killings of a judge, a court reporter, a deputy, and a federal agent, appears calm in the video as he sits at a table at Atlanta police headquarters on the afternoon of March 12, and talks for three hours with Atlanta Police Department homicide detective Vincent Velazquez, while sipping from a canned soft drink.

Nichols faces new judge “Let me just start by saying that, you know, I give my condolences to all the families of those who were killed, um, in combat,” he tells Velazquez in a high-tenored, almost meek voice. (combat ?)

Nichols was then on trial on rape charges when he is accused of overpowering a deputy in a holding cell, then shooting and killing the Superior Court judge in his case, Rowland Barnes, and court reporter Julie Ann Brandau in Barnes’ courtroom, where Nichols was to appear later that morning.

Nichols said he was provoked to start the war by a “multitude of different things,” including the conditions in the Fulton County jail, and the prison system of Georgia where “prisoners are required to work for free… you really have no choice other than to work… it parallels significantly the treatment of slaves.” He said: “I felt as though I was a slave with them. As a soldier, I don’t feel like I committed any war crimes. There was no collateral damage.”

He described the way he overpowered female deputy Cynthia Hall, saying: I had to actually hit her a couple of times,” then he said he knew she was not dead. “I’m aware that she is going to pull through.” He explained how he cuffed Barnes’ staff and held them hostage until he slipped into Barnes’ courtroom during a civil hearing and killed Barnes and Brandau, shooting each once in the head with Hall’s pistol.

He said he killed Barnes because “at the time I thought of Judge Barnes as the Master. The slave master.” Barnes described the shooting of Barnes and Brandau almost clinically. “I engaged the target, which was Rowland Barnes,” he said. “And um, I engaged the secondary target, which was his court stenographer.” Nichols said he shot and killed federal agent David Wilhelm later that night at the Buckhead home where Wilhelm was doing tile work in a bathroom, because Wilhelm identified himself as a treasury agent.

He said Wilhelm pulled a gun on him: “I was able to take out the target, prior to him actually firing his weapon,” said Nichols. “He identified himself um, and I just, I was just quicker.” Later in the three-hour confession, Nichols says he doesn’t remember shooting court reporter Brandau. “I didn’t actually realize that I had shot her until there were reports on the news about that… I have no conscious recollection of conscious recollection of that.”

Murder defendant Brian Nichols asked his judge to prevent jurors from hearing evidence that he plotted an escape from the Fulton County jail. He also asked Superior Court Judge James Bodiford to bar testimony that the attempt included members of his defense team. The Connecticut woman, who had befriended Nichols, told investigators that he had asked her to buy a masonry saw, a circular saw and other tools to cut through a foot of cinderblock, according to law enforcement documents obtained by the Associated Press in January.

Mr. Nichols has no conscious, period, he is a mad dog murdering rapist and needs to be put to death. I had met and known Judge Rowland Barnes for a short period in the late 1990's and to put it simply Rowland Barnes was a good guy without malice towards anyone, for him to be shot and killed in his own Court Room is a great tragedy, R.I. P., Rowland. "I had known Judge Rowland Barnes for a couple of years in the mid 1990's when I lived in Panama City Fl and ran the WBI Inc Private Detective Agency there, what has happened here in Atlanta is a travesty of the Justice system, the Jury really tanks on this one, of all the people who commit and are convicted of murder, Brian Nichols deserves to die the most" !

Bill Warner
Private Investigator