Thursday, October 30, 2008

Khawaja guilty on terror charges, Khawaja links to Mohammed Junaid Babar and the "Network" of al-Muhajiroun in Queens NY and London UK.

Mr. Khawaja and co-conspirators, the day after Khawaja’s arrest in Ottawa, Khyam and five others, Anthony Garcia, Shujah Mahmood, Waheed Mahmood, Jawad Akbar, and Salahuddin Amin were arrested in London (see photo above) they had had interactions with “core” al-Qaeda figures. The testimony of three witnesses, Mohammed Junaid Babar, Ms A. and Ms Zeba Khan, sheds this light on the term ‘Jihad’ in the Muslim world.

The evidence makes it clear that in the case of Momin Khawaja and those he associated with in the London area Khyam group, and those he connected with in relation to the northern Pakistan training camp, ‘Jihad’ meant a violent struggle with the objective of establishing Islamic dominance, wherever possible. Khawaja’s ideology emerges in detail in a number of his email communications, a number of which are seen below.

Mohammed Junaid Babar, it should be noted, was brought to Ottawa to testify, in custody, by U.S. federal authorities. He was arrested in the U.S.A. following the arrests in Operation Crevice in the U.K., and entered ‘guilty’ pleas in District Court in New York to 5 counts of providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, namely, al Qa’eda. Facing a maximum possible prison term of 70 years, and even the possibility of being extradited to face trial in Pakistan in relation to a conspiracy to assassinate its President, Babar agreed to truthfully and completely disclose all his information concerning the inquiries made by the Department of Justice, and to truthfully testify before any grand jury and court that the Department requested. Babar was still facing sentencing under this arrangement when he testified before this Court. He (Babar) said his most optimistic hope was that he might be freed from custody sometime next year, but knew there were no guarantees. Not withstanding these circumstances under which he presented his evidence, he was not seriously challenged by the defense on any material fact, nor was it argued that his evidence is unreliable.

Mohammad Momin Khawaja is a trained terrorist, a terrorist financier and terrorist bomb-builder, a judge ruled this morning, but there was not sufficient evidence to find the suspect knowingly plotted to blow up British targets.

Following a landmark legal marathon, Mr. Justice Douglas Rutherford convicted Mr. Khawaja, laying out the reasoning in a 58-page verdict. The Canadian-born al-Qaeda sympathizer was found guilty of the seven terrorist offences he was charged with, though not always to the full extent of what the Crown had alleged.

Mr. Khawaja, a 29-year-old Ottawa resident, was arrested in 2004 while working at his day job of fixing computers for Canada's Foreign Affairs Department. He is only the second man to be convicted under the Anti Terrorism Act, which was passed specifically to cast a wide prosecutorial net after 9/11..... Read: The judgment (pdf)

“One wonders why terrorists like [the British cell members of al-Muhajiroun, see photo above ] would share details of such a fertilizer bomb plot with a foreigner like Khawaja, unless it was necessary to do so, and it wasn't,” writes Judge Rutherford in his ruling. “He seemed willing to help any way he could. Ask him to send money? He did. Ask him to take supplies to … Pakistan? He did. Ask him to build a remote detonator device? He did, or was well into a work in progress.
See my prior post, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, WHAT IS AL-MUHAJIROUN ? WHO IS AL-MUHAJIROUN? WHERE ARE THE AL-MUHAJIROUN SLEEPER CELLS IN NY? As Judge Rutherford pointed out, Mr. Khawaja largely established his mindset with his own words, as written in his intercepted emails (which appear below as they were written); “I always wanted to be a soldier, cuz when I was like five yrs old me mum and I would read story about Ali radiAlla Anhu and how he chopped off the head of Marhab the kafir [infidel] and about jihad and stuff,” reads one of Mr. Khawaja's emails cited by Judge Rutherford.

Another read: “When the kuffar amreekans invaded Afghanistan that was .. the most painful time in my whole life … it would tear my hear knowing these filthy kaafir dog Americans were bombing our muslim bros and sisters … Shaykh Usama bin laden is like the most beloved person to me in the whole world, after Allah.”

Such emails were exchanged with members of a U.K. terrorist cell (photo above) whom Mr. Khawaja fell in with first on the Internet (al-Muhajiroun), using terms borrowed from Gangsta rap as they expressed common hopes of kicking out what they saw as infidel armies from what they saw as Muslim lands. See my prior post, Tuesday, September 09, 2008, Prosecutor: Canadian Man Involved in British Terror Plot was 'Mortal Enemy' of the West. Mohammed Babar of Queens NY gives testimony on Momin Khawaja.

On March 29, 2004, as British police prepared to raid addresses in the U.K., RCMP officers stormed the Khawaja family home in Orleans, Ont., seizing three assault rifles (one scope and one bayoneted), 640 rounds of ammunition, $10,000 in cash and literature with titles such as Defence of the Mulsim Lands, Decisive Battles of Islam, and The Martyrs of Bosnia.

Also seized was the “Hi-Fi Digimonster” (click to see photo)– a prototype circuit-board detonation device built by Mr. Khawaja that was intended to remotely set off a bomb. The defence immediately sought a publication ban on this evidence, as several members of Mr. Khawaja's family publicly complained the Mounties were racists and that the family was wrongfully targeted simply because they were Muslims.

Eighteen months ago, five members of the British cell were sentenced to life in prison for plotting bombings. During that verdict, it was publicly revealed that Scotland Yard had noted some unarrested co-conspirators, who went on to become the suicide bombers who killed 52 people riding trains and subways in London. He was found guilty of contributing to a terrorist group, by building the Hi-Fi Digimonster and showing the British cell prototypes of it during his three-day trip to London.

He was also found guilty of what Judge Rutherford called the “basket charge” of facilitating terrorism. Despite all of this, the judge parsed the two counts involving allegations Mr. Khawaja wanted to blow up Londoners.

Bill Warner
Private investigator