Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jacqui Smith unveils the UK's New Identity Card With No Sign Of Britain Ha This Is your Islamic Terrorist ID Card

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Jacqui Smith unveils the UK's new identity card - with no sign of Britain. Ha, This has nothing to do with British Patriotism, This Is Are You a Islamic Terrorist ID Card. The UK's first identity card for 60 years has been unveiled by Jacqui Smith - with no sign of the union flag or mention of the word Britain. (The ID card will contain fingerprints and will be mandatory for all employee's working in restricted areas at UK Airports, Interpol has a database of terrorist fingerprints) Instead, the credit card-sized plastic cards carried a picture of a bull - in common with other European Union identity cards - as well as five stars drawn from the stars on the official flag of the EU. The card is to be initially issued to people outside the EU renewing their permission to stay in the UK as students or on the basis of marriage. Between 50,000 and 60,000 cards, which will initially cost £30 each, will be issued by the end of next March and ministers predict one million a year will be handed out from 2010. Officials said the image of a bull represented the Greek myth in which Zeus turns himself into a bull and abducts Europa, a beautiful princess. Campaigners said it was bizarre that there not more outward symbols of Britishness on the card, given that it will be used as a proof of residence.

Lorraine Mulally, spokesman for campaigners Open Europe, said: "The use of EU symbols, instead of national ones, is part of a wider attempt to promote the idea of a common European citizenship, which EU federalists have been pushing for some time. The Government seems happy to buy into this." Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, added: "A British ID card without a British flag on it? Instead we have the symbol of Europa, and we know what Zeus did to her. "We don't need or want ID cards in the first place, free people in a free country don't require them. But to have the European Union thrust down our throats at the same time is simply a load of old bull." The cards contain the individuals name, their photograph, the card's expiry date and details of how long they can stay in the country (Similar to a passport and visa). Other information includes people's date and place of birth (Muslim), their gender, nationality (Arabic Countries), and whether they are entitled to benefits. Biometric data, including copies of all of the person's fingerprints (Match to Interpol Database of Islamic Terrorists), will be stored on a special security chip. Miss Smith admitted that it would be impossible to include fingerprints of some people on the card. But she denied that taking 10 prints from the elderly or those with missing fingers would be a problem.

From next year anyone working in the restricted areas in Britain's airports would need to have an ID card and it will be made generally available to British citizens from 2011. Those cards, which will be voluntary, may look different and display different information but they will enable the holder to travel without a passport around the EU. The party pointed out that ID cards will not be required by foreigners who are here for less than three months. Former shadow home secretary David Davis, who resigned over the alleged erosion of civil liberties and the creation of a "database state", added: "Even during wartime, ID cards did not contain fingerprints. (they will now weed out Islamic Terrorists by cross checking with Interpol Fingerprint Database)" Some very foolish and naive bloggers "think" that with no sign of the Union Flag or mention of the word Britain on the ID cards that this is some sort of concession to Islam. Ha, just the opposite, the UK wants every little terrorist wanna-be to pick up one of these cards and for "Pete's Sake" at least this ID card will climate all the Islamic terrorists who are hiding out among the baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator