Thursday, October 02, 2008

IED Bomb in elevator rattles college, Explosive Device Detonated Inside Building At Brevard Community College

IED Bomb in Elevator rattles College, Explosive Device Detonated Inside Building At Brevard Community College.

Was this a terrorist dry run to gauge the First Responders response time ? Al-Qaeda has targeted schools in the past.

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- An explosion inside a building at Brevard Community College on Wickham Road in Melbourne (see map) had bomb-sniffing dogs on campus Thursday.

UPDATE..Arrest Made In Brevard Community College UPDATED: 2:26 pm EDT October 3, 2008.Police have not released any information on the person arrested.

Melissa Pierce was watching a video in her second-floor International Studies class when it sounded like the building's elevator went crashing down in a free-fall.There could have been up to 537 students in the building at the time of the small blast. That's the number of students enrolled in 22 classes held in the building during the time of the explosion. BCC officials did not have actual attendance figures.

"Everyone looked around like 'what the hell was that?' " Pierce said outside of Building 7 -- a multipurpose facility -- at Brevard Community College's Melbourne campus hours after a small homemade bomb exploded in the elevator on the third floor.

The campus closed after the explosion Thursday, but will reopen today.
Police investigators and fire department officials continued searching the campus for clues and the possibility that other explosives remain. Melbourne Police spokesman Cmdr. Ron Bell would not confirm that a suspect was being questioned. "It's pretty scary," Pierce said. "It's weird to think that someone would do something like that."

The Melbourne Police Department said they received a report at 10:23am of an explosion in the elevator of the third floor of Building 7.

"I heard a very loud boom and then the sirens inside the building," eyewitness Nick Gow said. Crews evacuated Building 7, which houses classrooms and offices. All classes were cancelled for the entire campus. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office bomb squad was at the scene and was doing a sweep of the entire building before investigators could entire to determine the cause of the reported explosion.

Investigators said they don't believe the explosion was a result of an elevator failure, because it was still operating when they arrived. Reports of the explosion being caused by a pipe or acid bomb can't be confirmed until the bomb squad clears the scene, but investigators are convinced it was caused by an explosive device of some kind.

According to the Melbourne Police Department, several students were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and released.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator