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Police Investigate Boynton Beach Women's Deaths, Friend Says One Woman Killed Former Lover, Self., She did.

A friend of one of victims discussed her own theory on how Jessica Kalish and Carol Ann Burger died, (Burger blogged for the Huffington Post). A friend of Kalish said the relationship between the two former partners had been escalating in stress, tension and anger over the last year, and that money may have become a tipping point, they could not sell their house. Kalish was found dead in her blood-stained BMW Thursday night.

Stephanie Slater of the Boynton Beach Police Department confirmed Sunday that Kalish was stabbed multiple times.

Slater said the stabbing contributed to her death, but the official cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner.

UPDATE....As investigators studied the case, several telltale signs pointed to Burger, they said, including the ferocity and personal nature of the killing. After the killing, police said Burger loaded Kalish into her BMW and drove her to the Congress Avenue site before walking home, a distance of about 2 1/2 miles. Burger cleaned up the garage and apparently used the washing machine and the bathroom sink, where traces of Kalish's blood was later detected. Detectives searched the former couple's house again Tuesday and used a chemical agent, Luminol, which causes blood traces to fluoresce under ultraviolet light, to uncover a "tremendous amount of blood" in the garage. It was there investigators said Burger killed Kalish. "We believe the process of killing Jessica was pretty lengthy, in and out of the car," Chapman said. "She, Burger, obviously was out of her mind." Carol Anne Burger killed Jessica Kalish on October 22, on October 21 she was posting two Barack Obama articles on the Huffington Post, see her articles below

See my prior post, Wednesday, October 29, 2008, Carol Anne Burger, writer for the "Huffington Post", murders her ex-lover Jessica Kalish by stabbing her hundreds of times with a screwdriver !

Sobbing and shaking her fist in frustration, Hunter Roberts left the police station on Saturday leaning heavily on a friend for support. Roberts was too upset to talk, but her sister said over the phone that Burger had been asking suspiciously. "Jessica had told two people recently that Carol had told her she was going to destroy her," Lisa Roberts said.

She said Burger had broken up with Kalish about two years ago, but was too softhearted to make her leave the house they shared. "Carol had lost her job and was depressed," Lisa Roberts said. "They had a dog die and she was unhappy. She didn't want Jess, but she'd found the true love of her life. That had to hurt."

She said that love of Kalish's new love was her sister, Hunter Roberts. Meanwhile, Lisa Roberts said Burger had started writing a blog for the Huffington Post, but it was an unpaid position and money was getting tight. "In the last couple of weeks, she'd been telling Jessica she was going to sue her for alimony," she said. "I think she was getting desperate, running out of money and they couldn't sell the house."

Burger called police to report Kalish missing Thursday. Kalish's keys and wallet were found at a business five miles away and her body was found inside her car behind a Boynton Beach business. Lisa Roberts said she thinks Burger killed Kalish. "I don't think it was a planned out murder thing, because it was just too sloppy," she said. "Why would you leave all the credit cards and stuff? It was too sloppy."

A day later, police found Burger shot dead in the couple's back yard. Police are now calling it suicide. "She'd run out of money and didn't have a job and Jessica was taking care of her," Lisa Roberts said. She said Kalish was intelligent, put herself through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was well regarded at her Boynton Beach software company.

The Web site The Huffington Post tapped her to cover the election (for Obama )from Florida this month, the job seemed to give her renewed focus. Burger burned to write a story for the site's front page and poured herself into the work. Carol Anne Burger killed Jessica Kalish on October 22, on October 21 she was posting two Barack Obama articles on the Huffington Post, see her articles below

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