Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Time FBI Calls Case an 'Honor Killing', CAIR says "As far as we're concerned until motive is proven in a court of law this is just a Homicide

First Time FBI Calls Case an 'Honor Killing', but CAIR in Dallas says "As far as we're concerned until motive is proven in a court of law, this is just a homicide". Yaser Abdel Said makes FBI Most Wanted List for "Honor Killing of his two daughters, Sarah and Amina Said, click on their photo for FBI wanted poster.

Yep, just like Mustafaa Carroll, the executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Dallas, told FOXNews.com, it just a homicide, two more murdered Muslim girls who hung out with non-Muslim boys, yep just a plain old everyday homicide.....

Almost a year after two teenage girls were found dead — allegedly executed by their father — in the back seat of a taxicab in Texas, the FBI is saying for the first time that the case may have been an "honor killing", click here for FBI wanted poster..


Sarah Said, 17, and her sister Amina, 18, were killed on New Year's Day, but for nine months authorities deflected questions about whether their father — the prime suspect and the subject of a nationwide manhunt — may have targeted them because of a perceived slight upon his honor, the FBI held off on calling it an honor killing until just recently, when it made Yaser Abdel Said the "featured fugitive" on its Web site.

Many of the threats against Sarah and Amina Said were known to their friends and classmates. High school friends told the Dallas Morning News that the girls sometimes came in with welts and bruises, which they confided were inflicted by their father. The United Nations estimates that 5,000 women are killed worldwide every year in honor killings — mostly in the Middle East, where many countries still have laws that protect men who murder female relatives they believe have engaged in inappropriate activity. A U.N. report includes chilling examples of such cases. “On the order of clerics, an 18-year-old woman was flogged to death in Batsail, Bangladesh, for "immoral behavior,” the report reads. “In Egypt, a father paraded his daughter's severed head through the streets shouting, ‘I avenged my honor.’”

One time, Yaser Said reportedly went into one daughter's bedroom waving a gun and making threats on her life.After he threatened to kill one daughter in December 2007 — documented in text messages Sarah Said sent to a friend — the girls and their mother, Patricia, fled from their home in Lewisville, Texas, to Tulsa, Okla. But the mother soon had a change of heart and went back, leading to the tragedy on January 1.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator