My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Monday, October 27, 2008

Egyptian police arrest married couple accused of hosting swinger parties in violation of Islamic Law aka Sharia law, flogging can be the punishment.

Egyptian police arrest married couple accused of hosting swinger parties. By SALAH NASRAWI, Associated Press Writer 6:03 PM PDT. October 26, 2008 CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ Police have arrested an Egyptian couple for allegedly swapping sex partners with other married couples, security officials said Sunday. Sex out of wedlock is illegal in Egypt, where the constitution says Islamic law is the main source of legislation.

In Sharia law aka Islamic Law, Sexual offences carry a penalty of stoning to death or flogging while theft is punished with cutting off a hand.

The couple — a civil servant and his teacher wife — are accused of soliciting other couples over the Internet and inviting them to their home, said the security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.The pair allegedly held at least three such swinger parties, and Egyptian police are looking for the others who participated, said the officials, who are involved in the investigation.

Police claim the couple posted advertisements and used chat rooms on a popular Arabic pornographic Web site to arrange interviews with couples — usually at a downtown coffee shop — before they swapped partners, said one of the officials. Many of the advertisements on the Web site the couple allegedly used contain personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

In the USA just last month, "Cops raid a suburban Dallas swingers club" September 22, 2008 DUNCANVILLE, Texas (AP) - City officials who suspect prostitution raided a suburban Dallas swingers club, the latest effort to shut it down. Cops raided the Cherry Pit late Saturday night, confiscating cash and client lists and briefly detaining about 60 people, the club's attorney said.

The search warrant alleged prostitution, money laundering, the operation of a sex club in a residential neighborhood and operating a sex club without a license. "They had guns drawn when they busted down the door," attorney Ed Klein told The Dallas Morning News for a story on its Web site Sunday. "You'd have thought this was some kind of meth lab."

The raid came about 10 days after police arrested Cherry Pit co-owner Jim Trulock, and charged him with storing and serving alcoholic drinks without a permit. He was released after posting a $1,500 bond. Last fall, the suburb adopted an ordinance that bans sex clubs. But officials say parties continue at the home, which turns into a club on the weekends. None of the arrested were stoned to death or flogged.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator