Friday, October 24, 2008

Convicted Killer Sarah Jo Pender makes top of U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted, she used sex with guard to escape, could be in Bradenton-Sarasota Fl area.

Killer-Escapee Sarah Jo Pender Now The Most Wanted Woman In America, she is at the top of the US Marshalls most wanted list, she could be in Bradenton Florida, just North of Sarasota. “Sarah Jo Pender is a dangerous fugitive and poses a threat to anyone she comes in contact with,” said Director John F. Clark of the United States Marshals Service. “Pender’s addition as a 15 Most Wanted fugitive underscores our commitment to use all of our available resources to bring her to justice.” Authorities request that Anna Maria Island residents (Bradenton) be on the lookout for Sarah Jo Pender, 29, who escaped from Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana on Aug. 4 and may attempt to reach relatives who are Anna Maria Island residents. A $25,000 reward is offered for information leading directly to her arrest. If you have information about Sarah Pender’s whereabouts, immediately contact your nearest U.S. Marshals office or call the Marshals 24-hour hotline at 1-800-336-0102.

In 2000, cops say Sarah Jo Pender and her boy friend killed their two roommates, shooting each of them with a shotgun and dumping their bodies in an Indianapolis dumpster. The two were eventually captured by police in Noblesville, Ind. and were sentenced in Marion County in 2002. UPDATE Sunday, December 21, 2008, Chicago Police nab 'America's Most Wanted' fugitive Sarah Jo Pender in 2200 block of West Farell Ave

Pender's accomplice in the murder, Richard Hull, is currently serving a 75-year sentence, while Pender had been serving a maximum 110-year sentence for her role in the murders. It seems that nearly six years behind bars was all Pender could take, as in August 2008, she busted out of Rockville Correctional Facility shortly before a routine inmate head count. IDOC officials say Rockville Correctional Facility is a mutli-level, medium-security penitentiary, which has the ability to hold all levels of female offenders. It would have and should have held Pender, too, if it were not for her manipulative ways.

Since the story first broke, Rockville Correctional Facility Officer Scott A. Spitler, a five-year veteran of the institution, has been arrested in connection with Pender's escape. He faces charges of Assisting a Criminal, Official Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct and Trafficking with an Inmate.

The Indiana Department of Corrections tells AMW that Spitler allegedly drove Pender out of the prison after hiding her in the back of his IDOC van. Once beyond the prison gates, cops say ex-inmate Jamie Long, one of Pender's closest friends, was waiting patiently for Spitler to approach. When Spitler came to a stop, Pender then emerged from the backseat of his van and hopped into Long's vehicle, and she has remained on the lam ever since.

According to authorities, Pender used her body to get what she desired most -- freedom. Just like she did back in 2000, when she convinced Richard Hull to shoot her two roommates, cops say Pender was again able to manipulate a variety of other people to aide in her escape. In the six years she spent locked up, officials tell us she made connections both inside the prison and out, and those connections were allegedly able to get her anything she wanted. According to police, one of those key connections was Jamie Long, her long-time friend and former lover, who provided her with the illegal loot.

Selling contraband items such as cell phones, drugs, and tobacco, authorities say Pender was running quite the lucrative business within the walls of Rockville. While cops say Pender wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful of a businesswoman in prison if it were not for Long, it was not just Jamie Long to whom Pender owes a debt of gratitude for her escape.

Cops say the whole enterprise would not have been possible if it was not for Pender's illicit relationship with former officer Spitler. The two had allegedly been having relations for some time, and seeing as Pender had all the time in the world to plan an escape, she just needed to find the right time to execute it.

Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Blond... Sources say that Sarah loved her long blond, curly hair, but since she has been out of prison, police have heard reports that she might have cut it off and dyed it black or brown.
Eyes (Color and Correction) Blue ...DOB May 29th 1979 she is 29.
Physical Characteristics, Cops say Pender has a medium build and is 5' 8" tall.
No known scars. Pender has a tattoo of a target/bullseye on the right side of her butt. She has a tattoo of a faded butterfly on her left breast.

Last Seen Rockville, IN. Pender was last seen in her prison cell, but was unaccounted for after guards conducted a routine inmate head count.
Other Possible Locations;
Western, IN
Nineveh, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Terre Haute , IN
Bradenton, FL
Seattle, WA
After escaping from prison, cops say Sarah Pender may have headed to the metropolitan Indianapolis area. The prison was located in western Indiana, just north of Terre Haute and 40-50 miles west of Indianapolis. She has family all over the United States, including Anna Maria Island (Bradenton) Florida (they always run home) and Washington. She is armed and very dangerous.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator