Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Casey Anthony Caught On Video Buying Items And Getting Cash At The Bank With Allegedly Stolen Checks

Casey Anthony Caught On Video buying items and getting cash at the Bank with stolen checks. Casey Anthony takes $250 from Orlando Bank of America, she wrote checks to herself forging friends sig and goes out partying while Caylee Anthony is missing !

New video released by the State Attorney's Office on Tuesday. A Target Store security video shows Casey buying lingerie and the white sunglasses she's often worn while walking in and out of her lawyer's office.

The video shows Casey at the checkout counter buying bras, camisoles, chemises and the big white sunglasses. The purchases also included a beret and even the light blue hoodie she was wearing the first time she was arrested.
Investigators Convinced Casey Killed Caylee, Seeking New Charges; On the same day investigators released surveillance video showing Casey Anthony on a shopping spree with someone else's money, Eyewitness News has learned prosecutors are seeking new charges against Casey in the death of her daughter. Investigators and prosecutors believe they have a strong circumstantial case against Casey, strong enough to take it to an Orange County grand jury during a special session October 14.

Investigators said Casey bought all of the goods at the Winter Park Target, six days before she was arrested in connection with the disappearance of her daughter Caylee, using a check stolen from her ex-best friend.

The video also shows Casey walk out of the store while putting on another pair of large sunglasses. Video from the downtown Orlando Bank of America, taken five days after the Target shopping spree, shows Casey at the teller's window presenting what investigators say is another stolen check from friend Amy Huizenga for $250 in cash.

The State Attorney's office also released more documents related to the case. The documents detail how her friend Huizenga went to Puerto Rico and let Casey borrow her car. In a statement to the sheriff's office, Huizenga said she had left her checkbook in the glove compartment. When she returned home, she said she found her checking account depleted. She became suspicious of Casey after talking to Casey's mother, Cindy.

The sheriff's office report says at least five checks were written from Huizenga's account and they all had what appeared to be Casey Anthony's name and signature on them. The report indicates Casey was able to use her own identification to somehow write the checks on Huizenga's account. The checks amounted to hundreds of dollars. Casey allegedly also wrote them at a Winn Dixie store where she bought groceries.

Bill Warner
Private investigator