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Blackburn terror suspects in court, arrests were made by Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) threat posted on

Friday 3rd October 2008. Blackburn terror suspects in court, arrests were made by Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), threat posted on FOUR suspected terrorists appeared in court over threat to kill Gordon Brown. Ishaq Kanmi, 22 Ilyas Iqbal, 21 Abbas Iqbal, 23 and 24-year-old Muhammad Ahmed are charged with a string of offences including soliciting the Prime Minister's murder.

Kanmi, of Cromwell Street, Blackburn, is charged with soliciting murder and being a member of al Qaida. He is alleged to have posted a message on a website (WWW.AL-EKHLAAS) (which appears to be now shut down for the fourth time this year), encouraging readers to murder Mr Brown and former PM Tony Blair, on January 2 this year.

Ilyas Iqbal of Percival Street, Blackburn, is accused of owning terrorist material and researching terror. Brother Abbas is charged with owning terrorist material and spreading terrorist literature. Ahmad, 24, of Whalley Range, is accused of possessing terrorist material such as camouflage clothes and plans for 'urban combat'. The white Muslim convert is a father-of-one who works in Boots.

All four men spoke only to answer to their names at Woolwich Crown Court and were remanded in custody today .
A fifth man, 29-year-old Krenar Lusha, 29, of Moore Street, Derby, has also been charged in connection with the plot. He is accused of possessing bomb-making recipes and 4kilos of potassium nitrate - a critical component in gunpowder, and also faces four charges of possessing instructions on how to make bombs. Judge Mr Justice David Calvert-Smith set a provisional date for a plea and case management hearing of January 5. He also indicated that the trial should be held in the north of England, as all four suspects in court are from Blackburn.....See Prior Post on terrorism in Blackburn, Saturday, May 03, 2008 BLACKBURN CAR DEALER ADMITS TERROR BOMB PLOT

The suspects were held after an investigation into threats posted on an Islamic militant website in January by a group calling itself al-Qaeda in Britain. Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair were suggested as targets of suicide attacks unless Britain withdrew its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and released Muslims imprisoned in Britain. The swoop was said to be the culmination of a counter-terrorism operation between Lancashire Police and Greater Manchester Police's Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU).

DERBYSHIRE factory has now become involved in an ongoing police investigation into a terror threat against the Prime Minister. Greater Manchester police confirmed yesterday that HL Plastics, in Derby, was visited by officers, although they refused to comment on the reason for their inquiries (It appears that . A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: "We attended the factory as part of our inquiries, but no search was carried out." She said she could not say more about the visit to the firm in Denby Hall Business Park.

A statement issued by HL Plastics last night said: "We can confirm Greater Manchester police officers made some inquiries at our factory."The company also said it could not comment further on the matter. But sources close to the Telegraph said the raid was part of an ongoing investigation into a plot to kill Gordon Brown, which has led to five arrests, including one in Normanton.

My energies have been focused on shutting down jihad/terrorism websites hosted in the USA that link to al-Qaeda, one of those websites is WWW.AL-EKHLAAS, which I was able to shut down on Jan 28th 2008 in Tampa Fl, see article click here and then again on Feb 1st 2008 in Phoenix AZ, see article click here, and then again on February 22nd 2008 in Tampa Fl, see article click here, with the aid of the Tampa Tribune and the Arizona Republic newspapers.

As far as the Sept. 14th 2008 shut down of , I had contacted several newspapers in Brisbane Australia where was ultimately hosted during the months of July and August 2008 and requested they get involved in shutting down the website, which appears to be still off-line. The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) in Brisbane is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific region (Malaysia), if they shut down the site it is shut down everywhere.
I had contacted the editor, three investigative reporters and the senior reporter at "The Australian Newspaper", "The Brisbane Sun" and the "Herald Sun" and provided the information on the al-Qaeda site ultimately hosted out of Brisbane. The mirror site also appears to have been shut down.

Related Domains for al-ekhlaas terror website Network which all appear to be shut down as of this writing;





Hackers block Qaeda’s 9/11 terror on tape The Hindustan Times ^ Posted on Monday, September 15, 2008 5:18:03 PM by Dawnsblood>. Hackers prevented Al Qaeda from releasing a videotape to mark the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Al Qaeda has traditionally issued a video or audiotape by either Osama bin Laden or Ayman al Zawahiri, the terror network’s two leaders, to mark their massive terrorist attack on the US on website As-Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media unit, had indicated that it would post such a videotape on September 11. As-Sahab had banner images on the internet showing a silhouetted head with a question mark and the words, “Wait 11 September”. The US-based intelligence group IntelCenter had speculated the video would be a message from Osama or Zawahiri with a recording of the last will and testament of Mohammed Atta, one of the leaders of the 9/11 attackers.

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