Monday, October 13, 2008

American man arrested in Pakistani border region, Juddi Kenan from Florida Community College. aka Jude Kenan Mohammad

Mum of American, Jude Kenan Mohammad, arrested in Pakistan says it's a misunderstanding.
North Carolina (US), Oct.15 : The mother of a 20-year-old American college student, Jude Kenan Mohammad, detained by Pakistani officials in the restive tribal region along the Afghanistan border, has told FOX News that her son's incarceration is a case of "misunderstanding."

The North Carolina woman, who identified herself as the mother of Jude Kenan Mohammad, said that she recently contacted her son."I'm OK and he's OK. I don't understand. There must be a misunderstanding because my son is just fine. I'd rather not talk about it," she said. What radical jihad website located in Charlotte North Carolina could have provoked Jude Kenan Mohammad to makes the trip to North Waziristan ?

Pakistani officials said they picked up a man on Sunday who identified himself as a Florida college student in the region to visit a friend. The man was arrested at a checkpoint in the Mohmand Agency region of North Waziristan, considered a possible hiding place for Usama bin Laden.

A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News that the name of the 20-year-old being held in Pakistan is Jude Kenan Mohammad, not Juddi Kenan, as previously reported. Officials told FOX News that Mohammad is part of an ongoing FBI investigation, though he has yet to meet with anyone from the U.S. government, which hasn't been able to confirm any ties to terrorism.

Pakistani diplomatic sources told FOX News that the man holds both Pakistani and American passports, and said he has been released after officials interrogated him and found no connection to terror groups in the region.

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Could information on the radical jihad website, that just happens to be based in Charlotte North Carolina and run by Samir Khan, (see website click here), have influenced Jude Kenan Mohammad to travel to North Waziristan. Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man Samir Khan, Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites Bill Warner

20-year-old American man, Jude Kenan Mohammad from North Carolina, was arrested late Monday at a checkpoint near the Afghan border in a tribal region where Pakistani troops are fighting Taliban and al-Qaida militants, police said. Officers were investigating what the man was doing in the border area, which is believed to be a possible hiding place for Osama bin Laden and other foreign extremists, said one officer, Pir Shahab. Jude Kenan Mohammad was supposedly arrested in Shabqadar, in the Charsadda district of the Mohmand Agency in North Waziristan (al-Qaeda & Taliban turf).

* Jude Kenan Mohammad was arrested in the tribal region of Shabqadar, North Waziristan.
* The college student from North Carolina was leaving the area when arrested.
* Kenan had a U.S. passport as well as a camera, laptop and dagger
* He said he was there to meet "Habibullah," the name of a dead Afghan detainee.

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