Thursday, October 30, 2008

Al-Shabaab Somalia posted a 30-min video on of the last testament of suicide car bomber Abdel Aziz Saad, site based in Vancouver WA USA !

Al-Shabaab posted a 30-minute video on Islamist websites ( on Thursday containing the last testament of a suicide bomber identified as Abdel Aziz Saad. The video identified him as the "ninth" suicide bomber, without giving more details, security officials in Somalia blamed the Islamist group the Al-Shabaab for the 5 car bombings.

In the clips, a young fighter also calls on Muslims to defend Islam and expel foreigners including African Union troops and Ethiopians from Somalia. "The only language they understand is the language of fire, sword and bombs," he says.

The official website of al-shabaab is hosted in the USA by the Dotster Web Hosting Co. in Vancouver WA. For the last six months I have been in battle with the Dotster Web Hosting Co and their mouthpiece The Columbian Newspaper to get the al-Shabaab terrorist network shut down in Vancouver WA, both the Dotster Web Hosting Co and The Columbian Newspaper stand behind the Al-Shabaab website and site "Freedom of Speech" for the Specially Designated Terrorist Organization, Al-Shabaab (by the US Government) and refuse to shut down this terrorist network that has now graduated to car bombs, al-Qaeda's signature card !

The LA Times has just recently posted an article where the terrorist group al-Shabaab admits that they are directly aligned with al-Qaeda and take their orders from Osama bin-Laden. Today, Thursday 10/30/2008, al-Shabaab is now posting "Shahiid (suicide) videos" on thier website seeking future recruits. All of this is taking place thanks to the Dotster Web Hosting Company and The Columbian Newspaper in Vancouver Wa, USA.... Vancouver WA is in the USA, isn't it ?

The Columbian Newspaper; In our view: Internet censor (Bill Warner) Wednesday, May 07, 2008; A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site (Al-shabaab terrorists).

Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says supports an al-Qaida organization in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life (THEY ARE AN aL-QAIDA ORGANIZATION SEE LA TIMES ARTICLE).

“There are groups like
this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood. “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver". Certainly the world has changed since 9/11, and we don’t fault any citizen for being alert to signs of possible terrorism.

But the line separating suspicion (and the alerting of authorities) from vigilantism and paranoia gets blurry fast, as it did in World War II when the U.S. government rounded up 120,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast and put them in camps, for fear they would assist the Axis countries. Dotster, which employs about 100 here and has clients worldwide, already works closely with the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, says its CEO, Clint Page.

There was widespread international condemnation of the blasts which came as political momentum was gathering for a U.N. -brokered peace plan to bring moderate opposition members into government. The process has had little impact on the ground.

Both Somaliland and Puntland had been relatively quiet in recent months compared with the south. The coordinated blasts would mark a return north for al Shabaab -- where its members were blamed for some attacks on aid workers several years ago -- if it is confirmed the group was behind them.

The violence in Somalia has killed nearly 10,000 civilians since the start of 2007 and forced more than a million from their homes, triggering a humanitarian crisis aid workers say is one of the worst -- and most neglected -- in the world.

The government of Somaliland, which has declared the region independent and prides itself on maintaining greater stability than south Somalia, poured soldiers onto the streets and rounded people up in hotels and the airport in search of suspects. In Kenya, which has in the past suffered attacks planned from Somali soil, a government office warned its staff of a planned al Qaeda attack before the U.S. election.

A memo by the revenue authority said it received information militants were planning to attack "vital installations" in Kenya and Uganda such as petrol stations, tankers and airports. The government said it was on alert. Adding to tensions, police said they arrested three people with wire detonators on a bus heading to north Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

Somalia (Reuters) - North Somali authorities said on Thursday they had arrested a prominent local sheikh and others suspected of involvement in a wave of suicide attacks that killed at least 30 people.

On February 29, 2008, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice designated al-Shabaab (aka al-Shabab, aka Shabaab, aka the Youth, aka Mujahidin al-Shabaab Movement, aka Mujahideen Youth Movement, aka Mujahidin Youth Movement, aka MYM, aka Harakat Shabab al-Mujahidin, aka Hizbul Shabaab, aka Hisb’ul Shabaab, aka al-Shabaab al-Islamiya, aka Youth Wing, aka al Shabaab al-Islaam, aka al-Shabaab al-Jihaad, aka the Unity of Islamic Youth) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (as amended) and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Section 1(b) of Executive Order 13224 (as amended).

The consequences of these designations include a prohibition against the provision of material support or resources to al-Shabaab and blocking of all property and interests in property of the organization that are in the United States, or come within the United States, or the control of U.S. persons

Bill Warner
Private Investigator