Saturday, October 11, 2008

SHUTTER JIHAD ISLAMIC SITES & VIDEOS, SEE EXAMPLE IN JIHAD VIDEO ABOVE: Al-Qaeda Web Forums Abruptly Taken Offline; Ellen Knickmeyer Washington Post, Oct. 18/08 ..DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Four of the five main online forums that al-Qaeda‘s media wing uses to distribute statements by Osama bin Laden and other extremists have been disabled since mid-September leaving Al Qaeda’s Propaganda Network ‘Hanging by a Thread’. The disappearance of the forums on Sept. 10 — and al-Qaeda’s apparent inability to restore them or create alternate online venues, as it has before — has curbed the organization’s dissemination of the words and images of its fugitive leaders. On Sept. 29, a statement by the al-Fajr Media Center, a distribution network created by supporters of al-Qaeda and other Sunni extremist groups, said the forums had disappeared “for technical reasons,” and it urged followers not to trust look-alike sites.
VIDEO ABOVE: For al-Qaeda, “these sites are the equivalent of,,,” said Evan F. Kohlmann, an expert on online al-Qaeda operations who has advised the FBI and others. With just one authorized al-Qaeda site still in business, “this has left al-Qaeda’s propaganda strategy hanging by a very narrow thread.” The sabotage of sites operated by extremist groups makes it more difficult for those groups to inspire attacks and recruit attackers, said Erich Marquardt, editor in chief of the Sentinel, a monthly online publication by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. It could be those pesky “Cyber Vigilantes Who Track Extremist Web Sites” at work again.
VIDEO ABOVE: See my prior post, Sunday, September 14, 2008, AL-QAEDA TERROR WEBSITE WWW.AL-EKHLAAS.NET THAT POSTED THREAT TO KILL GORDON BROWN AND TONY BLAIR IS SHUT DOWN TODAY. Five Muslim men arrested under terrorism legislation are being questioned over internet threats to kill Gordon Brown and the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. One of the men being questioned by police in Manchester is suspected of posting a death threat on a recognised jihadi website and styling himself Sheikh Umar Rabie al-Khalaila, leader of al-Qaeda in Britain. The message, written in English, appeared only briefly on January 24th, 2008. The website was shut down in Tampa Fl, USA on Jan 28th, 2008. The five arrested are British-born Muslims of Asian origin (Pakistani).
VIDEO ABOVE: See my prior post, Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host, Saturday, May 03, 2008, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER TRACKS AL-QAEDA WEBSITES TO TAMPA. My energies have been focused on shutting down jihad/terrorism websites hosted in the USA that link to al-Qaeda, one of those websites is WWW.AL-EKHLAAS, which I was able to shut down on Jan 28th 2008 in Tampa Fl, see article click here and then again on Feb 1st 2008 in Phoenix AZ, see article click here, and then again on February 22nd 2008 in Tampa Fl, see article click here, with the aid of the Tampa Tribune and the Arizona Republic newspapers.
VIDEO ABOVE: As far as the Sept. 10th 2008 shut down of and 3 others, I had contacted several newspapers in Brisbane Australia where was ultimately hosted during the months of July and August 2008 and requested they get involved in shutting down the website, which appears to be still off-line. The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) in Brisbane is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific region (Malaysia), if they shut down the site it is shut down everywhere. I had contacted the editor, three investigative reporters and the senior reporter at “The Australian Newspaper”, “The Brisbane Sun” and the “Herald Sun” and APNIC and provided the information on the al-Qaeda site ultimately hosted out of Brisbane. The mirror site also appears to have been shut down.
VIDEO ABOVE: Al-Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan the author of online terror magazine 'Inspire" post video threatening PI Bill Warner. The Return of the Blog January 5, 2009 on Posted by admin الحمد الله; After a brief halt, our blog has returned. The blog was not shutdown due to any hacks or infiltration or heavy traffic or server reports, rather it was shutdown on our own accord in order that we may move the servers". KILL BILL VOL 3..."We apologize for the delay (no one would take you), however the move is successful and this will be permanent, In Sha’ Allah. The lying enemy of Allah, Bill Warner - may Allah destroy him --- claimed that he was the one who shut down our blog. Let this be a testimony that this disbeliever is a liar". "May Allah send a hurricane over bill warner's house so that he can be wiped out, humiliated. In addition, al-Thabaat forums are back up. We have dedicated a video to the return of the blog and to strike fear in the heart of the Kuffaar Bill Warner".
Al-Fajr Media Center: Regarding the Closing of Several Jihad Web Forums. NEFA Foundation: Al-Fajr Center Announces Shuttering of Three Top Jihad Web Forums; Information provided here is from a "NEFA FOUNDATION" translation of an official Arabic-Language communique obtained by NEFA investigators and translated into English. Al-Fajr Media Center is the official online logistical network for messages from Al-Qaida military factions-including the Islamic State of Iraq and Osama bin-Laden. "THE INTERNET FORUMS LISTED HEREAFTER HAVE BEEN CLOSED FOR TECHNICAL REASONS (bull, you got shut down) AND THEY WILL BE NON-FUNCTIONAL FROM THE DATE OF THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT (actually they were all shut down on or about Sept. 4th 2008). WE DRAW THE ATTENTION OF OUR BROTHERS AND VISITORS TO THE AL-ELKHASS, AL-FIRDAWS AND AL-BORAQ FORUMS. WE ARE NOT AWARE OF ANY ADDRESSES OR WEBSITES FOR THESE FORUMS PRESENTLY ON THE INTERNET-AND ANY NEWS REPORTS YOU MAY HEAR REGARDING THE RE-OPENING OF SOME OF THESE WEBSITES ARE INCORRECT (no Forums no al-Qaida communication world-wide, Boo-Hoo). The source that could shut out the lights for all of these Al-Qaida Website Forums such as is the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) in Brisbane Australia, and keep them all off the Internet !

Bill Warner