Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Somalia: Cop in murder probe 'threat' against Private Detectives, Interpol President Jacob (Jackie) Sello Selebi

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2008- Somalia: Cop in murder probe makes 'threat' against Private Detectives, past Interpol President Jacob (Jackie) Sello Selebi linked to $1 Million bribe in the case, he resigned in Jan /08.

Photo private Detectives Ron Dolliver, left, and Tony Langdon in Perth in November last year. A VICTORIAN police officer has been accused of threatening two private detectives hired to tail a high-profile millionaire investor wanted for questioning over the assassination-style murder of a South African mining magnate.

The Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department is investigating claims that Senior Sergeant Anthony Langdon, of Flemington police, warned two private detectives in Perth to drop their inquiries into 73-year-old investor John Stratton, who was allegedly involved in the murder of gold billionaire Brett Kebble in Johannesburg in 2005.

Mr Dolliver's company, In Depth Investigations, was hired by South African investigator Paul O'Sullivan to trail Mr Stratton for a 10-day period in November last year. Mr O'Sullivan has been tracking Mr Stratton for three years on behalf of Mr Kebble's father, Roger, to assist with his possible extradition to Africa to face questioning over the murder. In his declaration to Victoria Police, Mr Dolliver said that after he and his partner, Robert Colton, were hired by Mr O'Sullivan, Senior Sergeant Langdon phoned them on November 13 last year.

''(Langdon) said 'I represent John Stratton and would like a meeting with you','' Mr Dolliver said. Dolliver and Langdon met the next day at Perth's 4 U Cafe. ''A male person attended the cafe . . . and introduced himself as Tony Langdon,'' Mr Dolliver states. ''I thought it was strange that he was wearing an oversized shirt and slouched in the seat. It appeared that he was trying to hide something under his shirt, such as either a firearm, or recording device.

''Langdon said, 'I am acting on behalf of John Stratton and we are concerned about the publicity Stratton is receiving. He went on to say words to the effect that 'persons had been approached about a matter which is being played out in South Africa and there is no reason for anything to occur here'.''

There were later allegations that Mr Kebble and his cronies bribed senior police officials, including that they paid $US1 million to the commissioner of the South African police, Jacob ''Jackie'' Selebi-who later became president of Interpol.The Scorpions believe that Mr Stratton was one of the men involved in the alleged $400 million plunder and later ordered Mr Kebble's murder, on the grounds that the billionaire had ''found God'' and wanted to confess all.

According to Victoria Police, Senior Sergeant Langdon was on 12 months' leave from the force when he acted on behalf of Mr Stratton to threaten the private detectives in Perth.

Jacob (Jackie) Sello Selebi born March 7, 1950 in Johannesburg is the suspended national commissioner of the South African Police Service and a former president of Interpol. Selebi is presently on extended leave as National Police Commissioner, and resigned as president of Interpol, to fight his corruption charges in his native South Africa. On 13 January 2008, Interpol announced that Selebi had resigned as president of the organisation to fight the corruption allegations.

On Thursday 31 January 2008 Jacob Selebi appeared in the Randburg Magistrates Court where he was charged with three charges of "corruption" and one of "defeating the ends of justice".

Bill Warner
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