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SIR Paul McCartney has been threatened that he will be the target of suicide bombers unless he abandons plans to play his first concert in Israel.

Self-styled preacher of hate Omar Bakri (PHOTO ABOVE IN WHITE) claimed the former Beatle’s decision to take part in the Jewish state’s 60th anniversary celebrations had made him an enemy of all Muslims.Sources said Sir Paul was shocked but refused to be intimidated.

Omar Bakri is the head of the terror group al-Muhajiroun and "no" they have not disbanded, they are active and involved with numerous terror plots in the UK, the USA, Germany etc, etc. Wonder Boy, Mohammed Junaid Babar has turned state evidence and testified against a whole gang of al-Muhajiroun bombers in the UK, Canada and the USA coming to bat.
In an interview with Israeli media yesterday Paul said: “I was approached by different groups and political bodies who asked me not to come here. I refused. I do what I think and I have many friends who support Israel.”Sir Paul, 65, should have gone to Israel with the Beatles in 1965 but they were barred by the Jewish nation’s government over fears they would corrupt young people.

Yesterday a number of websites described him as an infidel and suggested he was going to Israel only because of the reported £2.3m fee for the one-off concert. A message posted on one website said: “Shame on you Paul McCartney for day trippin’ to apartheid Israel” and vowed never to buy his music again.
Bakri, who made his weekly internet broadcast to fellow extremists from his home in Lebanon, where he has lived in exile since being banned from returning to Britain, said Sir Paul was “making more enemies than friends”.

Syrian-born Bakri, 48, went on: “I heard today that the pop star Paul McCartney is playing as a part of the celebrations. “If you speak about the holocaust and its authenticity never being proved historically in the way the Jewish community portray it, people will arrest you. People will you say you should not speak like this. Yet they go and celebrate the anniversary of 60 years of what ?

Explaining his comments, Bakri told the Sunday Express: “Our enemy’s friend is our enemy.“Thus Paul McCartney is the enemy of every Muslim. We have what we call ‘sacrifice’ operatives who will not stand by while he joins in a celebration of their oppression.“If he values his life Mr McCartney must not come to Israel. He will not be safe there. The sacrifice operatives will be waiting for him.”

The celebrated rock star will arrive in Israel as part of a world tour and will give a single concert at Tel Aviv's Park Hayarkon on September 25. Israel security analysts believe that the threats on McCartney's life are real, but pose no danger to McCartney while he is in Israel.

"McCartney will enjoy the same extensive security protection as the Israel Prime Minister, President and other heads of state who visit Israel," the analyst said. "Israel is respected for having the world's best security organizations, as both their real time intelligence and field activities are at the highest alert level 24 hours a day. We don't train, we are acting on and neutralizing terrorists threats every hour. What McCartney needs to be concerned about is his security upon leaving Israel. His rides on buses and in subways will now need to have increased security personnel in place. Islamic terrorists are not lone reporters and photographers who stalk, they also act on intelligence gathered from their own networks."

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