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Search For Caylee's Body Begins After Investigators Confirm She Is Dead, Casey Anthony still not talking.

Search For Caylee's Body Begins After Investigators Confirm She Is Dead.. 7:31 am 9/01/08; ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Lead investigator in the Anthony case said body in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car was Caylee and confirmed for the first time that Caylee is dead.

Detectives were taking part in the search today for the little girl's body.

Casey Anthony DOB 3/19/1986 .... READ Arrest Affidavit , This never made any sense, how is it possible for Casey Anthony and Caylee to live under the same roof as Cindy and George Anthony and no one noticed that Caylee was missing for a month ?

On July 15th 2008 Cindy Anthony contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) about her missing granddaughter Caylee (3 yoa), who she hadn't seen since June 16h 2008. Casey Anthony claims she left Caylee with "Zenaida Gonzalez" a supposed babysitter who the OCSD was unable to locate. Also the search warrant in the case was released, revealing that investigators have taken a long list of items from Casey's closet for DNA testing. The warrant also shows that Anthony first reported to have last seen her daughter on June 9, but changed the date later to June 16 when a photo surfaced of Caylee with her grandfather on June 15, Father's Day. And, according to the warrant, Anthony led police to three different locations where the babysitter she claims has Caylee could be, all locations were dead end leads.

Casey said she hadn't seen the girl since mid-June (What ?). The 911 dispatcher who took the call from Cindy Anthony about the now missing child Caylee, asked to speak to Casey Anthony, who told the operator she hadn't reported the disappearance because she'd been looking for the child on her own (What ?). Other troubling details emerged: A neighbor told detectives Casey Anthony had asked to borrow a shovel in June. Her father, (George) said she (Casey) stole two gas cans from the garage in June. Casey Anthony Parents Home.... incident-report-re-burglary-of-gas-cans. A boyfriend said she (Casey) never told him in June that Caylee was missing.

Casey Anthony had several boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative (liquor distributors) in bars, clubs and restaurants, this is a cash "job" and required Casey Anthony to work odd hours at several different Orlando locations, since there was no babysitter, was Caylee Anthony left in the White 1998 2 door Pontiac (registered to the grand-parents) while Casey Anthony worked the bars ?

Every year in Florida during the summer months small children die after being left in a parked and locked vehicle. The temperature in a vehicle can rise to 120 degrees within minutes. During the week of June 16th, 2008 the last day Casey Anthony supposedly saw her daughter Caylee, the average day time temp in the Orlando area was 92 degrees with 95% humidity and a heat index of 103.

Protesters were expected to be outside the Anthony's home Monday morning, and the family has taped off their lawn and posted no trespassing signs to keep them off their property.

Some residents in Central Florida said they believe Casey's parents have information in the case of missing Caylee Anthony and hope Monday's rally will pressure them to talk. The 12-hour rally is not expected to be violent, but tempers were flying at a vigil in front of the Anthony home Sunday night. Over 50 people prayed for Caylee to come home, Sunday.

The same day 200 volunteers searched south east Orlando for the little girl. The lead investigator told Eyewitness News that they were looking for the body of little Caylee Anthony. "We clearly have evidence that indicates there was a dead body in the trunk of Casey's car and that that body was Caylees."

Casey Anthony is in jail, she was re-arrested Friday on unrelated theft charges.
McDonald’s Bail Bonds of Kissimmee posted bond for Casey on charges related for forgery, theft and using fraudulent information. Detectives say Casey took nearly $700 from a friend and her parents. Investigators said they have images of Casey using checks at a Target store and a Bank of America. Investigative sources also said Casey may be accused of stealing money that was to be used to pay for her grandfather's living expenses in a Mount Dora assisted-living facility.

"She had used names and checks in an account that didn't belong to her," said Capt. Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Although bond has been posted on those charges, a Clearwater bonding company revoked an earlier bond that had been posted on charges related to the disappearance of Casey's young daughter, Caylee. The company had put up $50,000 of a $500,000 bond. A company spokesman said that bond might be reinstated next week. Until then, unless someone can come up with $50,000, Casey will stay in jail. The Anthony family previously was unable to raise that money.

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