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"Muslim Suicide Bomber" No such animal. Oxymoron, says Na'im AbdurRafi .

A person crosses the line from Muslim to non-Muslim upon resolving to commit suicide. They are doing more than committing the most egregious of sins. They are abandoning the protection of the Creator.

Desperate people commit suicide--people in despair. You cannot believe in Allah, fear Allah, trust Allah, depend on Allah, etc., and be in despair. But suppose the aggressor kills with computerized weapons and all you have are rocks. What do you do?

What did David do? You fight. By any means necessary.
If you must make a bomb of your body that's what you do. And you are hopeful of victory. You are not in despair. Have there been desperate bombers? Among the Kamikaze? Among the Basque? Among the Algerians? Among the IRA? Among the Palestinians? Among the early Christians who bore witness in the face of certain torturous death at the hands of the Romans? Maybe. Only the Creator knows intentions--what is in the heart. The difference between intention fueled by despair and that fueled by hope is like the difference between the Hellfire and Paradise, says Na'im AbdurRafi. (PARADISE FOR THE MUSLIM SUICIDE BOMBER).

In other words, Na'im AbdurRafi claims that the Muslim suicide bomber does not commit "suicide" if he blows up America soldiers, and himself, for the cause of jihad, Praise Allah. "It seems many other American youngsters are receiving the mercy of Allah. They have traveled to many parts of the world to destroy Islam. Their resolve is to kill whomever stands in the way or who does not get out of the way quickly enough. But by the mercy of Allah, death is preventing them from acting on their resolve", so says Na'im AbdurRafi the owner of "Muslim Mart USA" in Binghamton NY .

Na'im AbdurRafi also feels that the Taliban are doing the right thing, the Taliban are trying to rid the land of what they believe are graven images in Afghanistan. Among those images are, or were, for reports vary, two huge ancient statues of Buddha that were carved into a rocky hillside some 1,600 to 1,800 years ago. These images are offensive to the Taliban, and in its view, Islam, which forbids the worshipping of such images, compels members to destroy these ancient works. "A fundamental Islamic concept is that human images should not be worshipped, AbdurRafi said". "In my house, we don't have pictures of people on the walls. I'm sitting in a room and the artwork I can see is calligraphy". "Now, I was educated as a westerner and have an appreciation of the humanities, but I think we have to consider whether the Taliban are doing what they perceive is the right thing to do."

Obama vs. Osama...by Na'im AbdurRafi; For the sake of discussion let's assume there is an Osama. And that he is the legitimate face of the jihad. Certainly there is a jihad. How could there not be with Beck, Hannity, and Savage inspiring a crusade (against Muslims) says Na'im AbdurRafi ?

Why else did Sergeant Akbar roll those grenades? Assuming he did, says Na'im AbdurRafi.......The soldier, Sgt. Hasan K. Akbar of the 101st Airborne Division was charged with killing two officers and injuring 14 others in a March 23rd 2003 grenade attack in Kuwait. The grenade attack happened days before the brigade was scheduled to move into Iraq. During his trial Akbar smuggled a pair of scissors out of a conference room, then asked the Military Police Officer guarding him to remove his hand cuffs so that he might use the restroom. When the Officer did remove Akbar's restraints he then stabbed the officer in the shoulder and neck with the scissors before being wrestled to the ground by another Officer. This attack was not allowed to be admitted as evidence by the army judge, during sentencing. Sgt. Hasan Akbarm is a Muslim, at trial the jury rejected life without the possibility of parole, and sentenced Sgt. Hasan Akbar to death !

Obama can win for America and the world. And Osama will win too. When you go to the table everybody's got to win. That's what should have happened after 9/11. "Okay, you made your point (Al-Qaeda). We get it (USA). What can we do to settle this thing (USA to surrender), says Na'im AbdurRafi ?"

And tell Israel to relax, for God's sake. "Look out Moishe. Muslim power go' get yo' mama." (Thank you, Julius Lester.)
Relax, Moishe. Read the Qur'an. Yo' mama is safe with Osama. (And yo' mama is safe with Obama, says Na'im AbdurRafi )

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