Monday, September 15, 2008

"Martyrs Never Die" information and postings from the pass-coded Forum Page of the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS)

The Only Language Between You (Ayuhal-KuffaR) & Us Is The Sword That Will Strike Out Your Necks-... Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS)-Profile of a member who calls himself Martyrs Never Die, he penned the quote about "striking out our necks".

The Following information and photos were pulled from the pass-coded "vouched" secret Forum Page of the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) in Queens New York , who appear to have a very violent agenda.

The ITS portrays itself as a peaceful organization, as per their post on the ITS website see here; "We are less than a handfull of Muslims from Ahlus Sunnah wal jama'ah who give public da'wah to society, where we invite the society to Islam(Aqeedah+Shahriah), command the good, forbid the evil and expose falsehood from every angle. Our struggle is always intellectual & political non-violent means.To find out more about our activities and about our views, we highly recommend you visit the "About Us" page first".

What the ITS says and what they do are at opposite ends of the spectrum as evidenced by the Death/Skull USA Flag above which is signed with the Islamic Thinkers Society website address.

Kept from view of the general public is the Forum Page of the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS)were they post messages and photos seeking the destruction of the West (USA, UK and everybody else) and the rise of Islam over the whole world. The NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau in Brooklyn NY has a very big file on ITS and over the past 3 years I have passed onto the NYPD anything I have dug up on this group. Following find the Forum Page and rules with an assortment of photos posted by the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS).
1). You Must be a Muslim to access this forum. No exceptions. Please respect the rules.
2). If you are a federal agent, work for the F.B.I. , C.I.A., INS, or any other government organizations, you are not welcome in this forum, whether you are a Muslim or not. Go catch pedophiles who are the real threat to society.
3). Please watch your language in the forum. This is not a gangsta forum, nor are you in the streets, where you use foul languages. Foul languages will not be tolerated.
4). This is not a socializing forum. Socializing with the opposite gender will not be tolerated.. Please respect the rules of no free-mixing in Islam for this is for your own good.
5). Madkhali attitudes will not be tolerated. Please respect the Muslims of this forum. There may be some Muslims who are not on the same level of understanding as the rest, so please leave some room for understanding. Give them benefit of the doubt once.
Updated 8-27-05 - The I.T.S. Forum is not accepting any new members. In order for you to become a member of this forum you would have to be "vouched". This means that you would have to be invited in by a current member of the forum. This is our rules. Please respect it.
Updated 8-27-05 - You must be active on the forum with posts. Any members with 0 posts for 30 days will have their account terminated.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

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