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From initially reading the Arrest Affidavit and OCSD interview of Casey Anthony it struck me immediately that Casey Anthony was not being truthful with the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) in the whereabouts of her then 2 yr old daughter Caylee. No mother of a small child losses track of her daughter for almost 30 days and then tells the OCSD (after Cindy Anthony forced a 911 phone call from Casey) she had been looking for the supposed babysitter (that did not exist) in a series of Orlando bars and clubs, pure nonsense and what is more pure nonsense is that the parents of Casey Anthony, Cindy and George, believe Casey, and had no problem with Caylee going "missing" for almost 30 days, when Casey, Caylee, Cindy and George Anthony all live in the same house ?

I work on facts and I have gone through all the documents made public by the OCSD and Casey Anthony appears to be a pathological liar and most likely a sociopath, as was pointed out in OCSD interviews about her missing daughter Caylee, as she shows no emotion.

There is a very big problem here, the 2 yr old daughter Caylee is confirmed dead by the OCSD, the grandmother Cindy is still appealing for search teams to find Caylee, alive. The Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla, who came to town to solve the case (without reading the arrest report or OCSD interviews available on-line) is pulling up stakes and heading home with his nephew Tony Padilla pulling the $500,000 Casey Anthony bond from Al Estes in Clearwater Fl and Casey Anthony was re-arrested on fraud charges by the OCSD.

One giant circus in Orlando revolving around the loss of a beautiful little 2 years old girl and a series of incredible lies that the Anthony family is still putting out to protect Casey, what a waste, and then there is the very possible "Made for TV Movie Deal" that is the reason for all of this circus atmosphere with the "Bounty Hunters" from California riding in. Several people from the California bail bonds company helped Anthony post bond, saying she might be more likely to talk about her daughter's disappearance if she were released from jail. But a bounty hunter with the California company said Friday 8/29/08 he no longer believes the girl is alive. "Absolutely not," Leonard Padilla said. Clearwater-based bondsman Albert Estes, who shares the same surety group as Padilla's company and helped post Anthony's bond, did not immediately return a phone message. Anthony family spokesman Larry Garrison called the re-arrest on fraud charge a "three-ring circus."

UPDATE Monday 9/01/08...The mother of a missing Florida girl is back in jail after she was arrested on charges of check fraud and theft charges and a California bounty hunter withdrew his $500,200 bond for Casey Anthony on her original child endangerment charges. Tony Padilla said he surrendered the bond due to new evidence and "heightened security concerns."
UPDATE Friday 9/05/08...ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony is expected to be released from jail Friday morning for the second time in two weeks. Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla helped Casey get out of jail the first time, but Eyewitness News was told that this time the person who posted her bond wants to stay anonymous. Two bond agencies Macdonald Bail Bonds and Miller Bail Bonds, both out of Kissimmee worked together to post the $500,000 bond. A press release fax came in on9(/04/08 from "Press Corps Media Plus" (615) 254-1400, e-mail presscorpsmedia@aol.com , stating that the lawyer for Casey Anthony will not reveal who paid the $50,000 cash to post the second $500,000 bail bond.

The "black" back story here is the involvement Leonard Padilla, who hosts a TV show called "Bounty Hunters" on National Geographic, who told Local 6 News in mid August 2008 that he has been talking to Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about bailing his client out of jail. Leonard Padilla told Local 6 News that his nephew, Tony Padilla, a bail agent, traveling to Texas and made arrangements with a company to secure the entire $500,000 bond, since gone over to Al Estes Bail bonds in Clearwater, and since recinded and Casey Anthony went back to jail.

August 22, 2008 A note to our viewers:--> Erroneous news reports have claimed that Mr. Padilla is currently working with NGC, and that our network is in some way involved in Mr. Padilla’s efforts involving Caylee Anthony. These reports were wrong, and have since been corrected. We want to assure you that NGC is not producing any new programs with Mr. Padilla and he is not currently working with National Geographic Channel or the National Geographic Society in any way.

NGC dumped Padilla and his Bounty Hunters show on cable TV, they are distancing themselves from Mr. Padilla as fast as they can, so who financed Leonard Padilla's trip to Florida and his involvement in the Casey Anthony 3 ring circus ?....... Larry Garrison of Silver Creek entertainment sure is a likely candidate as he set up shop in the Anthony home prior to Casey Anthony's release. Was this all over getting Casey Anthony interviews for a TV Movie after Casey bailed out of jail by the Padilla's ?

Leonard Padilla said he bailed Casey Anthony out to find out the truth about Caylee, after out on bond Casey Anthony never spoke to Leonard Padilla. The bail-bond company, Tony Padilla Bail Bonds CA" is affiliated with Texas-based Financial Surety, which is licensed in Florida -- making it legal for the West Coast company to put up funds for Anthony's release.

Anthony's lead attorney, Jose Baez,
and a third party contacted the company about arranging a bond, Padilla said. Baez could not be reached for comment about the first bond of $500,000 and will not make any comments on who posted the 2nd $500,000 bond, both bonds required $50,000 cash up front and there is no way Leonard padilla paid the first $50,000, so who has laid out a total of $100,000 in cash to keep Casey Anthony out of jail ?

The Padilla's announced the move (or is that movie) in an e-mail to Local 6 News Orlando. The e-mail stated: "On Sunday, August 17, World Famous Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla, owner of Tony Padilla Bail Bonds of Sacramento, CA., will be traveling to Orlando with two of Leonard Padilla's associates. Tony Padilla will be posting a $500,000.00 bond for the release of Casey Anthony (who paid the $50,000 cash up front)."

Anthony Family Appoints Spokesman; Also on Friday, the family of Caylee Anthony appointed a spokesman known for his work on other high-profile cases. Larry Garrison will now be answering questions from the media, Cindy Anthony said. Larry Garrison, president of production company Silver Creek Entertainment, co-authored a book on the disappearance of missing Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway. Garrison was also a spokesman for the family of "Nut-job" John Mark Karr, the man who gained notoriety for falsely confessing to the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Note; on Larry Garrison's Silver Creek Entertainment website the feature on the "Press Release" page is none other than Casey Anthony
Click Here...http://www.silvercreekentertainment.net/press-con.html

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla is from Sacramento CA, Movie producer Larry Garrison is based out of Lake Sherwood, CA.

Larry Garrison goes in for the lurid stories i.e. "THE TRUE LIFE STORY OF CHRISTINA SCHEIER, LEEBONNY BAKLEY AND ROBERT BLAKE" and Larry Garrison To be Interviewed on Larry King Live … his book 'The Newsbreaker", Jon Benet Ramsey and John Karr, get the picture ?
What it all comes down to is who put up the $50,000 cash to the Al-Estes Bail Bond of Clearwater Fl to secure the $500,000 bail bond that got Casey Anthony out of jail for a brief time ? Al Estes Bail Bonds is in the business to make money, they would never front the $50,000 cash for a bail bond on Casey Anthony which now has been turned in by Al Estes Bail Bonds.
In the Casey Anthony case Al-Estes Bail Bond of Clearwater took $50,000 on the $500.000 bail bond that was not refundable, some one lost big, $50,000, but someone might be making big on the other end.....
UPDATE 9/06/08.. Casey's parents, George and Cindy Anthony, provided part of the $50,000 needed to secure her $500,000 bond on a child neglect charge and an anonymous donor put up the rest. Casey's attorney, Jose Baez refused to comment on the bond being posted, but his public relations firm put out a statement Thursday evening. "The individual posting the bond prefers to remain anonymous and is doing it because of the belief that Ms. Anthony's constitutional rights have been grossly violated," the statement reads (read full statement).
Press Corps Media, a group claiming to help Jose Baez with media requests told Eyewitness News national organizations and a dozen individuals who support Casey came forward to help. A Press Corps Media representative told Eyewitness News they have additional money set aside to post another bond if Casey is re-arrested and put back in jail. Todd Black said, “No media outlet paid to get her out… No production company paid to get her out… I cannot discuss organizations or individuals we are in contact with regarding bail." Press Corps Media said the groups were required to sign confidentiality agreements.

So who signed the
movie deal at the Anthony house, who is profiting from this horrible story and who paid the "Tony Padilla Bail Bonds Co/ Al Estes Bail bonds" the $50,000 cash down to cover the first $500,000 bond AND on September 4th 2008 who paid the $50,000 cash AGAIN as two local Orlando Bail bond firms re-posted the $500,000 bond on Casey Anthony after the Padill Bail bonds pulled out of the first deal , gee I wonder, money talks, could it possibly be the movie producer Larry Garrison who set up shop inside the Anthony home just before Casey Anthony made bail the first time ?

Larry Garrison
SilverCreek Entertainment
Call: (805) 370-3630
Todd Black
Press Corps Media
Call: (615) 254-1400

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

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