Friday, September 26, 2008

Islamist terrorist returns home What does Eric Breininger have planned for Germany

Photo Gallery: German Homegrown Terrorist Eric Breininger Believed KilledIslamist terrorist returns home What does Eric Breininger have planned for Germany? By F. Schneider, E. Koch, M. Wichmann and K. Feldhaus. He was a normal young man from the Saarland region of Germany, who loved to party and play football. Then something in his mind changed - Eric Breininger (21 on R. with beard) converted to Islam and took off for Afghanistan to receive training as a suicide bomber. Now German security officials are sounding the alarm: Breininger may be back in Germany and could be set to carry out a terrorist attack. The BKA (Germany’s federal police force) is on the hunt for the young man and has a warrant for his arrest. “We have up-to-date information that Breininger, his friend Houssain al-Malla and most likely a third person, are on their way to Germany,” a BKA spokesman said. Security agencies have told BILD that Breininger and his terrorist friends reportedly attempted to commit a suicide bomb attack in Turkey. Most recently, they were seen in the Bosnian city of Zenica and on September 20, the BKA sent out a notice, warning all German government agencies and authorities. The BKA fears that Breininger is on his way to Germany or, worse, already here. Investigators have labelled the terrorist as “extremely dangerous”.

Friday 9/26/08...Somalian Terror suspects held on KLM plane in Germany; Police in Germany have arrested two terrorism suspects on a plane preparing to take off from Cologne-Bonn airport. The two men, both in their early 20s and of Somali origin, were under surveillance for months, police say. They were said to be "possibly planning attacks" and had left suicide notes at their flats expressing their wish to die in a "holy war". The KLM airliner, which was bound for Amsterdam, was eventually allowed to take off after a luggage search. Police boarded flight KL1804 at 0655, Media reports said the two suspects had links to a group behind a foiled 2007 plot to attack US interests. Back to Eric Breininger, just who is this young man from Germany who turned to terrorism? Eric Breininger grew up in Neunkirchen the child of divorced parents, and was an average scholar. Vain and muscular, he wore brand-name clothes and gel in his hair. He was easily influenced and after he met a strict Muslim in 2006, he changed his own life dramatically. He stopped eating pork, prayed five times a day and called himself Abdul Ghafar.

Breininger quit school and moved in with his friend, Daniel Schneider. In September 2007, he left Germany for Egypt. One week later, his ex-roommate Schneider was arrested as a member of the ‘Sauerland Cell’ which had planned terrorist attacks in Germany. Breininger, meanwhile, crossed Iran and ended up near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, a supposed hot bed of terrorist activity and training camps. A video emerged in May 2008 showing Breininger in fighter’s gear and carrying an automatic weapon, laughing as he said he wanted to die as a soldier of God. Before his departure to Afghanistan, Breininger told a friend: “I am going to be huge.” Terrifying words.

UPDATE May 3, 2010.. Eric Breininger, one of Germany's most wanted suspected terrorists, has been killed in a battle with Pakistani troops in the Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan, according to an unconfirmed statement by a jihadist group. Breininger had appeared in several Internet videos trying to recruit terrorists in Germany.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator