Monday, September 22, 2008

Gannett to Eliminate 1,000 Newspaper Jobs, "The Columbian" eliminates 30 newspaper jobs,KNIGHT RIDER IS PLANNING TO ELIMINATE 32 NEWSPAPERS !

Gannett to Eliminate 1,000 Newspaper Jobs, "The Columbian" Newspaper To Eliminates 30 Newspaper Jobs, KNIGHT RIDER IS PLANNING TO ELIMINATE 32 NEWSPAPERS! New York Times Plans to Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs ! 'Boston Globe' Publisher Explains 160 Job Reduction Plan !

And so it goes, USA Newspapers that just don't get the Internet or did, but waited too long to get all their publishing's on-line, with video and multi-media photo flash presentations, Bravo to you, but to all the rest, "your dust in the wind".

NEW YORK ( — Gannett (GCI) is eliminating 1,000 jobs, including 600 layoffs, across its newspaper operations, a company spokeswoman said Thursday. USA TODAY, the largest-circulation newspaper in the country, wasn't affected by the latest round of cutbacks, but had 45 job cuts of its own last November.

The latest cuts will affect Gannett's other newspapers, which include 84 dailies such as The Arizona Republic and the Detroit Free Press as well as nearly 900 non-daily publications. The cost-cutting drive at the country's largest newspaper publisher is the latest effort by the industry to cope with declining revenue due to an economic slump and a continuing migration of advertising dollars online. In addition to the 600 layoffs, Gannett will also eliminate 400 jobs through attrition and leaving vacant posts unfilled, said company spokeswoman Tara Connell. The cutbacks represent about 3% of the workforce at Gannett's local newspaper division.

The Left Leaning "Columbian Newspaper" faces even bigger cuts in relation to the size of the paper; Change is in the air and coming, Saturday, July 05, 2008By LOU BRANCACCIO, Columbian editor. “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

It’s very expensive to support a quality news staff, as well as the many other departments at a newspaper. Faced with this challenge, The Columbian will be changing. Here are some of the changes:
– There will be fewer staffers. The Palm Beach Post in Florida (a larger newspaper than The Columbian) just announced it was trimming 300 jobs, 130 of them in the newsroom.
— Our daily two pages of Opinion will go down to one.
— The newspaper, in general, will have fewer pages.
— The Tuesday Food section will become part of the Life section.
— The Wednesday Neighbors section will become part of the Life section.
— The Thursday Inspirations section (Homes & Gardens) will become part of the Life section. No question these changes are being done to better put our expenses in line with our revenues.

So, yes, The Columbian is cutting back. Just like you. Still, The Columbian will be there for you. We’ll still be the best mid-sized newspaper in the great Northwest.

Thursday February 21, 2008, The Columbian eliminates 30 newspaper jobs.

Thursday, July 10, 2008, The Columbian lays off 20 newspaper jobs.

Friday, 12 September 2008, The struggling Columbian Newspaper offers "New Boosts Online Offerings" in a desperate attempt to increase income. "Before The Columbian rolls out more ambitious online offerings, however, there is still behind-the-scenes work to complete". "As with any brand new product, we have found problems that we didn't know would be problems," Web editor Jeff Bunch said. For example, blogs at the new initially could not accept reader comments, typically a hallmark of blogging (how stupid).


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