My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
My website is dedicated to articles on crime and terrorism and those perpetrators who commit the crimes. Duties of a Licensed Florida Private Investigator, Private Investigation Definition Class "C" — the investigation by a person or persons for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any of the following matters: a. Crime or wrongs done or threatened against the United States or any state or territory of the United States, when operating under express written authority of the governmental official responsible for authorizing such investigation. b. The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any society, person, or group of persons. c. The credibility of witnesses or other persons. d. The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property or escheated property, or heirs to estates. e. The location or recovery of lost or stolen property. f. The causes and origin of, or responsibility for, fires, libels, slanders, losses, accidents, damage, or injuries to real or personal property. g. The business of securing evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or in the trial of civil or criminal cases and the preparation therefor. A Class “C” or Class “CC” licensee may perform bodyguard services without obtaining a Class “D” license.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


ROBERT GLEN TEMPLE.... DOB 5/10/1950.  UPDATE MARCH 23rd, 2012, Robert Glen Temple was found guility on 7/30/2011 and sentanced to life in prison.

September 10, 2008...Body of missing real estate agent found; Pinellas sheriff's detectives have recovered the body of a Belleair real estate agent who went missing in 1999 and are seeking an arrest warrant for her husband.

Investigators found the body of Rosemary Christensen, 44, in North Florida on Monday. They are seeking a murder warrant against Robert Glen Temple (his photo), 58, who is currently in jail in California.

Family members, friends and co-workers were baffled when Christensen went missing. A colleague last talked to her by phone on the evening of Aug. 26, 1999.
Christensen, an Australian native who worked for a Century 21 office in Indian Rocks Beach, missed appointments the next day, which colleagues said was out of character for her. She also missed a get-together two days later. Worried co-workers went to her condo and called police.

Robert Temple was out of state when the report was filed. He told investigators that he and his wife were involved in a swingers lifestyle and that he suspected she had left him for another man (as per the St Pete Times Chris Tisch, Times staff writer). There are least two very popular Swinger Websites that make it very easy to find partners in the North Florida/Tampa area.

I have traced many, many errant married spouses to such swingers websites and sex clubs in Panama City Fl and Tampa Fl, they always use a phony name and DOB and always use a cell phone number for contact, those involved in these clubs and website never really know who they are dealing with. Click here to read previous stories on the case from the Times' online archives, Chris Tisch, Times staff writer.

Suspect's Girlfriend Leads Deputies To Wife's Body; Attorney Jay Herbert carried the burden for nine years. His client, Leslie Stewart, the girlfriend of murder suspect Robert Glenn Temple, told him Temple had killed his wife, Herbert said. Stewart said she helped clean up the crime scene and bury the body of Rosemary Christensen in August 1999, the attorney said.

But Stewart didn't want to cooperate with investigators, and Herbert was bound by attorney-client privilege not to divulge Stewart's secrets. Stewart changed her mind as of last Wednesday, Herbert said. The reason: She feared Temple was going to kill her, too, the attorney said. Herbert said he worked out a deal with the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office: Stewart would help bring Temple to justice if she was granted immunity.

Stewart led prosecutors, Pinellas sheriff's investigators and cadaver dogs to where the Belleair woman's body was buried, on North Florida land owned by Robert Stewart's father. Authorities are working to charge Robert Temple (his photo above) in Christensen's murder. He is being held by authorities in California, where he is accused of holding a knife to Stewart's throat, Herbert said.

Much of the suspicion of the missing Rosemary Temple surrounded Robert Temple. The morning after his wife disappeared, Temple bought $73.51 in merchandise that investigators concluded “could be used to either hide or destroy evidence,” detectives said in court records. The merchandise included a paint brush, paint, Clorox disinfectant, a sponge, towels, refuse liners, Febreze spray, lemon ammonia, a scrub brush and tape.

In the couple's condo, investigators found that carpet had been pulled up and thrown away and a wall had been recently painted. Temple soon after left the state with a new girlfriend. Detectives said he never checked in with them for updates on the investigation.

Police also might have focused on Robert Temple because of his criminal record. Temple was arrested in 1997 for allegedly beating his wife three weeks before the couple married. The charge was reduced to disorderly conduct charge to which Temple pleaded no contest. Robert Temple also was convicted in 1975 for involuntary manslaughter in Los Angeles for the death of his companion's 18-month-old son.

Temple served five years but says others were responsible for the child's death. Temple said he last saw his wife the night Thursday night, Aug. 26, when he said she left to go to a party with people she met on an alternative-lifestyles website (Swingers Sex party) on the Internet (as per the St Pete Times), people neither of them knew. Investigators who found the body of Rosemary Christensen, 44, in North Florida on Monday 9/08/08, are seeking a murder warrant against Robert Glen Temple, 58, who is currently in jail in California. DNA taken from Robert Glen Temple at the California jail could come into play now to match up with items found on the body and/or at the site of were the body was found of Rosemary Christensen.

Bill Warner
Sarasota Private Investigator

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