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Click any image above for Casey Anthony VIDEO at Club Fusion, in the photos were Casey Anthony is wearing the blue dress they were taken on June 20th, 2008.

ElfNinosMom..... After receiving and reviewing court and police documents related to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, some items really struck me as having not been covered at all by the mainstream media, despite the easy availability of the records. You can click on the links to see the actual documents in PDF format. My discussion of the documents follow after the appropriate link.

Casey Anthony DOB 3/19/1986 ........Arrest Affidavit On July 15th 2008 Casey Anthony contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department about her missing daughter Caylee (2 yoa), who she hadn't seen since June 16h 2008. Casey Anthony claims she left Caylee with "Zenaida Gonzalez" a supposed babysitter who the OCSD was unable to locate. Also Friday, the search warrant in the case was released, revealing that investigators have taken a long list of items from Casey's closet for DNA testing. The warrant also shows that Anthony first reported to have last seen her daughter on June 9, but changed the date later to June 16 when a photo surfaced of Caylee with her grandfather on June 15, Father's Day. And, according to the warrant, Anthony led police to three different locations where the baby sitter she claims has Caylee could be.
By all accounts, Cindy and George Anthony were more like parents than grandparents to Caylee, who loved SpongeBob, swimming and her miniature tea set. And while Casey Anthony had several boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative in bars, clubs and restaurants, she was a good mother, friends and family say.
A high school dropout, Casey Anthony had no criminal record. Officials at Florida's child welfare agency said they were never called about possible abuse or neglect in the Anthony home. Lee Anthony said Casey left town with Caylee on June 16 for work and vacation. Almost five weeks later, on July 24, Cindy Anthony dialed 911.
"I found out my granddaughter has been taken, she has been missing for a month, we're talking about a 3-year-old little girl ... I need to find her," the frantic grandmother said. "I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's a dead body in the damn car."
She said she hadn't seen the girl since mid-June. The dispatcher asked to speak to Casey Anthony, who told the operator she hadn't reported the disappearance because she'd been looking for the child on her own. Other troubling details emerged: A neighbor told detectives Anthony had asked to borrow a shovel in June. Her father said she stole two gas cans from the garage. A boyfriend said she never told him in June that Caylee was missing.

Strangely, there is a connection between a Zenaida Gonzalez and Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey claimed to have left Caylee with a babysitter by that name. On April 17th, a Zenaida Gonzalez did indeed visit the Sawgrass Apartments looking for an apartment, but did not rent an apartment there. The police were given her “guest card”, which contained a cell phone number. Police called Gonzalez, and she said she didn’t know Casey or Caylee, and had never babysat for anyone. When police showed Casey Anthony a photo of that Zenaida, Casey said it wasn’t the same woman.
Click this link to read actual Casey Anthony... search-warrant at the parents home. The OCSD took 11 items of clothing (shirts, pants, shirts) from the closet of Casey Anthony looking for trace evidense.

So now we are to believe that there are two women named Zenaida Gonzalez with a connection to that one apartment complex? I can’t help but wonder how Casey Anthony knew to connect someone with that particular name to the apartments, if they didn’t know one another. After all, Orlando is a densely populated area, and Sawgrass is a very nice (and pricey) apartment complex. While I do understand that there is more than one Zenaida Gonzalez, there can’t be that many of them since I had never before heard the name Zenaida, and I lived in Florida, a state with a very high immigrant population, for decades.
Casey told police that she dropped Caylee off with Zenaida in the stairwell which leads to Apartment 21. As we all know by now, no one had lived in Apartment 210 in 147 days. Police spoke with multiple people who work for Sawgrass, from management to maintenance, but none of them knew anyone named Zenaida, and none of them recognized Caylee’s photo despite Casey’s insistence that Zenaida had been her babysitter for quite some time.

This is not in the document above, but apparently Casey had long ago told her family about Zenaida the babysitter. On one of the 911 tapes, Cindy Anthony (Casey’s mother) is hysterically telling someone with her, possibly her husband George, that Caylee is missing, and that “Zanny” took her. Prior to the nightclub photos being released (SEE ABOVE) Casey went to clubs where Gonzalez was known to frequent, allegedly looking for Gonzalez and Caylee. Of course, the photos hardly depict her looking for her child, or even appearing the least bit concerned about anything. She was partying, seemingly oblivious to everything. In one photo she was doing a bump-and-grind with another woman on “Hot Bodies Night” at Club Fusion.

The question regarding where Casey was during the time she was gone is also answered in the arrest affidavit. Starting on June 9th, Casey was staying with a friend, Amy Huizenga. Huizenga contacted police at the urging of Casey’s boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro (who only knew Casey since May and started dating her in June), and said that Casey had been using her car for a week while she was out of town, and picked her up at the airport. She also told police that Casey is a habitual liar, and that she was known to steal from friends. Huizenga said that Casey stole some checks and approximately $700 from her.

Both Huizenga and Lazzaro told police that Casey always told them that Caylee was at Disney, Universal Studios, or at the beach with the “nanny”. Neither of them ever met Zenaida Gonzalez, and both were completely unaware that Caylee was missing. Lazzaro first heard about it when the police came to his apartment in the early morning to question him. He had not seen Caylee since June 2nd, at the pool at his apartment complex.

Casey’s old boyfriend Jesse Grund also contacted police of his own accord when he saw on the news that Caylee was missing. He said that Casey had called him on June 25th, to “cheer him up” over a job loss, and said she told him she was free that weekend if he wanted to get together. She told him that Caylee was at the beach with her nanny. He also told police that Casey is a habital liar.
Christine Chester claimed to be Casey’s best friend, and said she saw Casey and Caylee together at her home sometime on the 12th, 13th, or 14th of June, and she was sure of the date. She said they all went for a walk together, and she was “surprised” to hear on the news that Caylee was missing.

Casey had given the names of several friends who allegedly knew Caylee was missing and that Casey was looking for her - the police describe them as “outcry witnesses”, suggesting that they found out when she spoke out of emotion - but the police couldn’t find any of them and she had lied about where every one of them worked. The investigator’s note at the end states that police, as of the time of Casey’s eventual arrest, did not know where Caylee was, if she was okay, or even if she is alive. It was noted that Casey at times laughed about the situation, and showed absolutely no signs of remorse or concern about Caylee.

Casey Anthony Parents Home....

On June 24th, George Anthony - Casey’s father and Caylee’s grandfather reported that two cans of gas were stolen from his shed. The shed had been secured, and someone had broken into the shed, damaging the door and the lock. Police dusted for prints, but found none. George Anthony told police he is willing to prosecute, and did not mention that his daughter was known to steal gasoline from the family, though later this assertion was made via the media.

Casey Anthony.......

On July 21st, Casey Anthony’s attorney sent a letter to the Sheriff’s Department, stating that his client would cooperate in the event that “certain leads” were uncovered which may help find Caylee, and reminding them that her assistance should be used to find Caylee rather than to prosecute her.


The judge ordered Casey held on $500,200 bond, orders a psychological examination to be completed within 30 days, and orders that even if she makes bond, she is to be electronically monitored at home.

Casey Anthony....

Casey’s attorney Jose Baez asked that the court order that telephone recordings from the jail not be released, and gave several reasons. He said the release of the recordings could irreversibly taint the criminal process, impede the investigation, chill the public’s willingness to call in leads, and deny Casey the right to a fair trial. Of course, the motion was denied.

Casey received visits from her mother, father, brother, and several other people whose relationship to her is unknown as of this writing.

A Writ of Habeas Corpus was filed on behalf of Casey Anthony (will post when I get it). A Writ of Habeas Corpus is, quite simply stated, a demand that someone be released from detention, and is commonly used when someone is being held without charge or evidence. The Florida Attorney General filed a response to the writ. The Attorney General notes in his response that the prosecutor stated at the bond hearing: Ms. Anthony is a person of interest in what is looking to be a homicide investigation.

Given that - given that, they have information that there was a decomposing body at some point int he trunk of the car, that they have taken that evidence and submitted to a lab microanalysis in hopes of determining whether or not, in fact, that was Caylee Anthony’s decomposing body in the trunk of the car. What we have here is a mother who let her child go missing, has no explanation for it. There’s evidence that the child may no longer be alive, and that she would have been the only person responsible for the child during the operative time frame.
The response goes on to say that when the judge considered Casey’s mental condition during the bond hearing, he said simply, “I can’t begin to describe [it]“, said that “the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers”, and that the judge found Casey’s actions with regard to her daughter to be “strange”. The judge noted that she is not a danger to the community, except to her daughter, and discussed the alert by the cadaver dogs.

The AG noted that Casey told not only law enforcement, but also her family, that she was an event planner at Universal Studios, when that was in fact a lie since she had been fired two years prior; he noted that her adult work history is nearly nonexistent. He also noted that when confronted by her family about Caylee’s disappearance, Casey told them that she knew where Caylee was, and would take them to her first thing the next morning. Additionally, it was noted that none of her friends or family had ever met the alleged babysitter.

The evidence of possible murder, considered by the judge at the bond hearing, included that Casey had backed her car into the garage and borrowed a shovel from a neighbor; the smell of a possibly decomposing body in the trunk of her car; possible hair of Caylee found in the trunk along with a stain; a cadaver dog alerting to the trunk; and two different cadaver dogs alerting to the same spot in the Anthony residence.
Casey Anthony had several boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative (liquor distributors) in bars, clubs and restaurants, this is a cash "job" and rquired Casey Anthony to work odd hours at several different Orlando locations, since there was no babysitter, was Caylee Anthony left in the White 1998 2 door Pontiac (registered to the grand-parents) while Casey Anthony worked the bars ?
Every year in Florida during the summer months small children die after being left in a parked and locked vehicle. The temperature in a vehicle can rise to 120 degrees within minutes. During the week of June 16th, 2008 the last day Casey Anthony supposedly saw her daughter Caylee, the average day time temp in the Orlando area was 92 degrees with 95% humidity and a heat index of 103.
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