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Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten told Troopers he never said anything like that about his father-in-law,Chuck Heath the father of VP Candidate Sarah Palin. The Alaska State Troopers investigation concluded he did say it. It wasn't a crime, because he didn't threaten Heath directly. But it did violate trooper policy, the investigation found.

The family feud revolves around Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten, who was once married to Governor Palin's younger sister, now known as Molly McCann. Due to irreconcilable differences, the two divorced in 2005. However, they continue to battle over child custody issues.

In my own personal experience, "Child Custody Disputes" are the most difficult cases to work as a private detective, both parties are usually very volatile and the accusations fly back and forth, but in the case of Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten, it appears from the documents, that he is the aggressor in the case and appears to have a history of drinking and driving (in his patrol car) with his minor children in the vehicle. Whatever Gov. Sarah Palin's intentions were in hiring a Private Detective to investigate Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten they appears to be more than warranted in an attempt to protect her sister from an abusive out of control man with a gun.

Timeline of dispute; Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten is the ex-brother-in-law of Gov. Sarah Palin. Here is a chronology of developments in a trooper investigation into accusations against him. The investigation occurred before Palin became governor. It wrapped up around the same time she announced her candidacy. Mike Wooten is 36, a state trooper since March 2001 and an Air Force veteran. He's a father of young children and he has been married and divorced four times, including Gov Sarah Palin's sister Molly McCann.

4/11: Molly McCann gets a domestic violence protective order against Trooper Mike Wooten and files for divorce. Chuck Heath, the father of sister Molly McCann and Sarah Palin, alerts troopers about the restraining order. A neighbor of Molly McCann and Mike Wooten calls troopers with concerns about Mike Wooten, including alcohol abuse accusations in his patrol car. Trooper Mike Wooten had driven drunk multiple times, threatened Sarah Palin's father "with a bullet", told Molly McCann to "put a leash on your sister (Sarah Palin) and family or I'm going to bring them down," her petition says. A judge issued a 20-day protective order to keep Wooten away.
4/12: A trooper captain orders Mike Wooten to obey the protective order and turn in his weapons, badge and patrol car when he's off duty (bad sign here).
4/27: State Troopers open an investigation into Mike Wooten.
8/10: Sarah Palin e-mails Col. Julia Grimes, then head of the troopers, with additional allegations against Mike Wooten and calls him a "ticking time bomb and "loose cannon." ."
10/10: Chuck Heath writes Grimes saying that the investigation is dragging on too long and Wooten is "a dangerous person, a loose cannon, ready to explode."
10/18: Sarah Palin announces she is running for governor.
10/29: Troopers issue memo of findings on Mike Wooten. Wall investigated 13 issues and substantiated three.

1/17: Col. Julia Grimes re-interviews two witnesses.
1/31: Mike Wooten and Polly McCann's divorce finalized.
2/1: Grimes substantiates a fourth allegation against Trooper Mike Wooten.
3/1: Grimes issues a letter suspending Mike Wooten for 10 days and warning that the discipline is "a last chance for corrective action" and that further occurrences "will not be tolerated." (indication here that Mike Wooten is out of control)
8/22: Sarah Palin wins Republican primary, defeating incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski.
9/5: Mike Wooten's suspension reduced to five days after union files a grievance (good ole boy "Blue Wall" comes into play).
11/7: Sarah Palin wins general election.
Sources: Alaska State Troopers investigative files; court records; interviews.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

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