Sunday, August 10, 2008


Venezuela's associations with terror states top the concerns in a State Department report on terrorism threats in countries around the world.

The report notes Chavez's "ideological sympathy" for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the Colombian-based National Liberation Army, which "regularly crossed into Venezuelan territory to rest and regroup." While the report says it "remained unclear to what extent the Venezuelan government provided support to Colombian terrorist organizations," it notes that Venezuelan weapons stocks have turned up in the hands of Colombian terrorist organizations.

It also notes that Iran and Venezuela began weekly flights between their capitals, and the passengers were not subject to proper checks. Among the passengers was suspect Abdul Kadir of Guyana, in the plot to bomb New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. "Venezuelan citizenship, identity, and travel documents remained easy to obtain, making Venezuela a potentially attractive way station for terrorists," the report says.

Concerning Iran, the report says that once again, the nation "remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism." "Elements of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were directly involved in the planning and support of terrorist acts throughout the region and continued to support a variety of groups in their use of terrorism to advance their common regional goals," it says, citing the group's support for Hezbollah, Hamas, Iraq-based militants, and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

From the start of President Chavez's government, terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaeda have used Venezuela as their bridge to other Latin American countries since Venezuela is an allied government. A group of Iraqi activists from the al-Qaeda terrorist organization are touring Caracas and Venezuela. They are Mohammed Adnan Yasin Al Janabi, born in Baghdad, Iraq; Falah Amin Taha, born in Baghdad, Iraq; and Muhi Alwan Mohammed Al Qaisi, born in Wassit, Iraq. They all arrived in Venezuela with temporary visas, are very dangerous and are experts in explosives.

The report says that despite promises to stabilize Iraq, Iran "continued to provide lethal support, including weapons, training, funding, and guidance, to some Iraqi militant groups that target coalition and Iraqi security forces and Iraqi civilians." "In this way, Iranian government forces have been responsible for attacks on coalition forces. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force continued to provide Iraqi militants with Iranian-produced advanced rockets, sniper rifles, automatic weapons [and] mortars that have killed thousands of coalition and Iraqi Forces," it says.

Hugo Chavez pretends to cut back on his support of the FARC, when his "dangerous" associations go well beyond the Colombian guerrilla. Presently young Venezuelans are being recruited for training in Lebanon. Tarek el Ayssami, Venezuela's vice-Minister of the Interior, along with others affiliated with Hezbollah, such as Lebanon-born Gahzi Nasserddine currently the Business Liaison at the Venezuelan embassy in Damascus, along with [his brother by surname] Ghasan Atef Salameh Nasserddine Abu Ali, are in charge of recruiting young Venezuelan Arabs affiliated to the PSUV [Chavez's own Venezuelan Socialist Party], to be sent to South Lebanon for combat training in Hezbollah camps.

The purpose of the training is for preparing the youths for asymmetrical war against the United States. Once back in Venezuela, the youths are welcomed by two members of the Islamic Center of Venezuela, who were previously involved in illegally bringing Hezbollah Lebanese through the area of Margarita with fake passports.

During February 2002, one of these men brought a group of Hezbollah members who came from Brazil, from Margarita, and then sheltered at the Islamic Center in El Paraiso.Once the Venezuelas return from their training in Lebanon they meet with radical youths from the PSUV affiliated with UNEFA [the university run by the Armed Forces] and the Unversidad Bolivariana de Venezuela [Venezuelan Bolivarian University].

These groups and individuals are closely affiliated with the Hezbollah Organization in Venezuela, along with al-Qaeda Iraqis currently living in Venezuela. They are also related to the Palestinian Democratic Front, headed by Salid Ahmed Rahman, whose "official" office is located in Caracas's Central Park. In the training camps now in Venezuela, they receive training in firearms, explosives and munitions provided by vice-Minister of the Interior Tarek el Ayssami.

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