My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Thursday, August 21, 2008


TAMPA BAY SERIAL RAPIST CAUGHT, RIGOBERTO MORON MARTINEZ IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN WHO HAD BEEN ARRESTED TWICE BEFORE IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. UPDATE All three rape suspects arrested; A serial rapist gang that has been terrorizing the Tampa Bay area has finally been caught and besides the State of Florida Felony charges see HERE Rigoberto Moron Martinez is on hold by ICE, Immigration Customs Enforcement, Div. of Homeland Security, this dirtbag is an illegal alien, his resident alien card is counterfeit.

Rigoberto Moron Martinez had been arrested twice before in Hillsborough County for driving with no valid drivers license and yet on these two previous occasions it appears ICE did not get involved in checking his legal status in the USA, subsequently at least 3 women were abducted, tied up with duct tape and raped at gunpoint, two teenage victims were able to escape this mad man and his 2 pals, and this all happened in the months of July & August . 

Prior arrest record of Rigoberto Moron Martinez DOB 11/17/87, height 5' 8" and 250 lbs, for no valid drivers license and BATTERY (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) on 8/05/08 at SUN CITY CENTER BL /PEBBLE BEACH BL N and a another prior arrest on 4/26/07 at COLLEGE AV E /21ST ST SE for no valid drivers license, he had been employed as a welder at BIG BEND APOLLO BEACH FL. 

Hillsborough County deputies have announced a second and third arrest in what they call a reign of terror that included two rapes in Apollo Beach on Saturday August 16th. Jose Walle, 13, of Wimauma, and Vincente Reyes-Carbajal, 20, of Ruskin, were arrested after a chase that included the two carjacking a vehicle, Col. Gary Terry said. "There is no doubt in my mind they would have continued this reign of terror," Terry said. In the Apollo Beach incident, the 13-year-old racked his gun and discussed killing the women, Terry said. Walle is a self-reported "Latin Life" gang member. He has "LL" tattooed on his face and reported as a runaway in recent months. Deputies say the case is far from over. 

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has put a hold on Martinez because they believe his resident alien card is counterfeit, Terry said. Warrants will be issued Friday for all three in connection with an attack Aug. 3 at a St. Petersburg restaurant, St. Petersburg Police Department spokesman Bill Proffitt said today. Walle and Reyes-Carbajal will be charged with robbery; Martinez will be charged with robbery and rape, he said. Investigators say Martinez may have traveled for welding work around the state and believe it's possible other crimes may have been committed by him in South Florida or Central Florida.

Sheriff's officials in Hillsborough County say they've arrested one man in connection with the robbery, abduction and rape of two women leaving an Apollo Beach restaurant, the "Docks", early Saturday August 16th. Rigoberto Moron Martinez, 20, 1425 Zulia St., in Ruskin, was charged with eight counts of sexual battery, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of armed kidnapping and one count of grand theft auto for his role in the early Saturday attack at the "Docks'. 

Around mid July, Martinez got a part-time job cleaning the kitchen at the "Table", a Latin-themed restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg. Joe Moledo, the manager, said Martinez lasted seven days. "I would find him in different places in the restaurant he had no business being," Moledo said. Martinez walked out upset, leaving the kitchen dirty, when he got his first paycheck. A week later, Martinez came to pick up $100 that was owed to him and one of the kitchen workers told the manager that Martinez had a gun in a holster. "Right away I wondered what would a guy like that be doing with a gun," Moledo said. 

Around 3 a.m. Aug. 3, police said, Martinez and his two associates entered the restaurant through a back door when an employee opened it to take out the trash. They bound one employee with duct tape and Martinez raped another one, police said. They took a computer and about $2,000 in cash. The next day, Moledo said, he told St. Petersburg police his hunch about Martinez. He gave them a copy of the suspect's driver's license and Social Security card. (It is not clear where these documents came from; Col. Terry said Martinez may have had a fake resident alien card.) 

But Martinez was not immediately charged in the case. "I gave the police this guy on a silver platter," Moledo said. "Who makes the decision?" One day after that, August 5th, Martinez was arrested in Hillsborough County on a domestic-violence charge (see police report listed above). He was released the next day on bail. Then, at the Docks bar Saturday, August 16th, in Apollo Beach, two women were kidnapped, bound with duct tape, raped, threatened with death and left near Interstate 75. All three of the men are charged in that case with eight counts of sexual battery. 

Then the crimes became a big story. With high media attention, investigators were flooded with tips. They chased down Martinez around 9 p.m Wednesday in Wimauma. As deputies closed in, Walle and Reyes-Carbajal carjacked and beat a construction worker who was talking on the phone to his family in Mexico, authorities said. They took off in his Kia Sephia but were caught about an hour later. At Thursday's news conference, Col. Terry said there may be more suspects. And more victims. "The case is far from over," he said. "I assure you that." 

According to an arrest affidavit, Martinez and two other men approached a 24-year-old woman outside The Docks, a bar at 6520 U.S. 41 N, around 3:30 a.m Aug 16th and demanded her purse at gunpoint. Soon after, the second victim - a 31-year-old woman - exited the restaurant and the men forced both women into the 24-year-old's truck. They went for a drive and returned to the bar, where two of the men forced entry into the bar and stole $300 from the register.

Back in the truck and hands bound with duct tape, the women were driven to an unknown location and raped. the affidavit shows. They were put back in the truck and driven to another location, where the 31-year-old woman was raped again. Deputies say they captured an ATM surveillance camera photo showing Martinez trying to withdraw money from one of the victim's bank accounts just moments after the attacks.

Martinez was also charged in connection with two incidents that occurred last month, including a July 19 incident where investigators say he approached a pair of 17-year-old girls walking on U.S. 41 and Elsberry Road at gunpoint, then grabbed them by their necks and led them to a vacant parking lot. The girls started screaming, and Martinez ran away, deputies said.

He was also charged in connection with a robbery and rape that took place early on July 3. In that case, an arrest report shows Martinez was one of two men who forced open the door of a Gibsonton home, aimed a gun at a man's head there and took a 23-year-old woman from the shower before raping her in the bedroom. Martinez and the other man left the home with an armful of stolen goods. One of the victim's was left bound by duct tape.

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