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Suspect in singer's murder arrested in an Arab country, Last Updated: August 10. 2008 3:16PM UAE....The Lebanese singer Suzan Tamin, whose body was found in Dubai. Suzanne Tamim’s killer tricked his way into her apartment by claiming he was from an estate agent, before slitting the Lebanese singer’s throat and leaving the country in under 90 minutes, police said today. At a press conference this morning detectives said a suspect, a 39-year-old Arab man (Egyptian), was arrested on July 31, three days after her murder. Police have said the suspect was being held in an Arab country (Egypt), but have refused to give any more details.

A police spokesman said the murderer changed out of his bloodstained clothes after he killed Ms Tamim. She did not know her killer (a Hitman), who used a bogus letter from an estate agent to gain access to her Jumeirah Beach Residence apartment. The singer arrived in Dubai on July 18, just ten days before she was murdered. Her body was found in the living room of her apartment after friends raised the alarm. This comes after widespread rumors circulated and were openly discussed on local satellite channels linking the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim (her photo) with Egyptian Billionaire Hisham Talaat Moustafa. The rumors suggested that Moustafa had paid one of his bodyguards ($2 Million) to murder Tamim and then Moustafa fled the country.

Ms Tamim’s father, Abdul Sattar Tamim, claimed he knew who the killer was and believed she had been the victim of a contract killing. In an interview with the satellite television station Al Arabiya he hinted that he had documents and evidence to prove that a hit man had killed Tamim and that he would hand over all evidence to Dubai Police. Born in Lebanon in 1977, Suzan Tamim shot to fame after winning a talent competition. Her turbulent life kept her in the spotlight. A very public divorce from her first husband, Ali Mouzanner, was followed by a failed marriage to Adel Maatouk, who was also her business manager. After her divorce from Ali Manzaz, Suzan married Lebanese producer Adel Matooq but the second marriage, too, hit the rocks very soon.
In order to get away from the string of cases filed by her second husband, Adel, she travelled secretly to Egypt from Lebanon. Eight months ago, she disappeared from Egypt (she went to London) only to surface in the UAE about a 3 weeks ago. Suzan’s second husband Adel Matooq had in 2004 alleged attempts on his life by Suzan with help from others. Matooq suffered injuries when some unknown assailants shot at him outside his office in Beirut. He alleged that an Egyptian businessman (Hisham Talaat Moustafa) with whom Suzan was having an affair, was behind the attack. The matter is still in court. Matooq also declined to divorce Suzan.
Was this an "Honor Killing" using the hitman to mutilate and slaughter Suzan Tamim and how did they track her so fast to an apartment she had just purchased days before the murder (inside information here), it appears that sexy Suzan Tamim was married to two Arab men at the same time and also being "kept" by a wealthy Egyptian businessman, when she was murdered. Her husband AdelMaatouk, in a statement, said that he wanted his wife to stop singing and devote her time to the family after their marriage. Maatouk said his wife left Lebanon against his wishes and that the singer's parents had told her not to listen to him, see his webiste photo click here.
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