Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Al Qaeda Manual Reflects Changing Face of Terror, "Translated" “Method for Building the Personality of a Terrorist Mujahid”

Establishment and exercise of individual jihad - AL-DOURI I, Do you want to form a terrorist cell, your first lesson. TRANSLATED “Method for Building the Personality of a Terrorist Mujahid” "Shamil al-Baghdadi".

WASHINGTON — A newly discovered online Al Qaeda manual is giving intelligence officials new insight into how the group's leaders are training recruits to further move the organization from a centralized operation toward smaller global cells.

It states that if for some reason the mission fails, the Jihadi must not abort, but instead carry on alone — as a one-man cell. According to New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, it's a strategy of which domestic law enforcement agencies are well aware. See follwing translated exerts from “Method for Building the Personality of a Terrorist Mujahid” written by Islamist forum contributor nicknamed "Shamil al-Baghdadi," there are 5 parts including machine guns and grenades.

Name of God, Thank God, prayer and the Prophet of Islam Forum God blessed, thankfully, I can summarize Bnklhacol fears brothers God bless them to points.

The first type: the martyrdom operation, the smart missile, which is not useful with the missile shield and not batteries of anti-missile missiles Albatriot and not Star Wars, no, no, no, do not require only a simple experience If martyrdom provide expertise on how to booby-trapping cars or industry belt who wants a simple yes really learning.

Type V killings direct: Unsure pistol - the strangulation of using tape strangling and using a pillow - needle-conditioning mankind - to break the neck.

Type VI-trapped package or letter poisonous booby-trapped mobile phone (There is a plan to kill Dgerh) goal Portable Hard bomber sent him a letter with that information very special.

Type VII ambush direct fixed or mobile firm objective means waiting car and shoot rainfall and walk beside the car moving target and rainfall shot or threw grenades inside and a large withdrawal.

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