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Hisham Talaat Moustafa was the victim of rumors that he had fled the country.

CAIRO: Egyptian construction guru Hisham Talaat Moustafa (his photo), chairman of Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG), called for the drafting of legislation criminalizing rumor mongering in the Egyptian stock market to protect Egypt’s economy, according to Egyptian news website .

This comes after widespread rumors circulated and were openly discussed on local satellite channels linking the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim (her photo) with Moustafa. The rumors suggested that Moustafa had paid one of his bodyguards to murder Tamim and then Moustafa fled the country, but were quickly dispelled when the businessman, who was abroad on vacation with his family, reportedly returned to Egypt to confront the accusations against him.

UAE daily Khaleej Times reported in its Sunday edition that two Egyptian suspects are now the focus of the investigation into the murder, citing police sources. According to sources, the suspects were in Dubai for just two days and left shortly after the singer was killed. The pair had come to Dubai on visit visas.Dubai police have contacted their Egyptian counterparts and have requested they track down the suspects, the source added.

The rumors, however, had taken their toll on TMG, whose stock traded 14 percent lower on Sunday. Brokers said that investors were selling the stock at any price even after a company statement confirmed that Moustafa was back to work in Egypt. Businessman Ahmed Bahgat had also phoned in on the popular daily talk show “Al-Ashera Masaan” Saturday night, where the rumors were also discussed, to confirm that he had personally spoken to Moustafa, who was in fact in Cairo.

The murder plot thickened with reports Sunday that Dubai Police have announced an arrest of an unidentified 39-year-old Arab man in connection with the murder of Lebanese singer Tamim, according to The Associated Press. The police said that he was arrested with the help of Interpol in an undisclosed Arab country a few days ago. His capture was made possible through evidence collected from the crime scene.

Dubai: Five hours after Dubai Police were informed of Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim's death, the suspected killer, a 39-year-old Arab national, was identified, said a senior police official. "It took 12 minutes for the murderer to enter the building, kill the victim and leave," Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Acting Chief of Dubai Police told a press conference on Sunday in Dubai. "The murder was premeditated and the planning was cunning and highly professional," Al Mazeina said. He hinted the motive might have been revenge as there was no evidence in the apartment to indicate otherwise.

The singer was murdered in her apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence on July 28. The police found her body later that evening, several hours after the incident was reported. The singer was found fully dressed and ready to leave the house. The murderer had managed to pass through the building's security without being asked for identification. In order to convince Tamim to let him into her apartment, he showed her, through the building's video intercom, an envelope showing the logo of the real estate company which had recently sold her the apartment she was residing in. Police said in all probability this was the reason that made her open the door for him.

One and half hours after the crime was committed, the suspect left the UAE and headed to another Arab county, which Mazeina refused to name. However, some reports suggested the accused was Egyptian. A police source contacted by Gulf News in Cairo said two Egyptians were arrested in connection with the murder. "The fact is the Prosecutor General has ordered a ban on writing about the case and that the investigations are making progress," said the police official. The assassin had walked in wearing two layers of clothes, executed the crime, and then got rid of the clothes in the building. The police found his clothes and used them as evidence.

In related news, editor-in-chief of opposition newspaper Al-Dostour, Ibrahim Eissa, told Daily News Egypt that “the paper was pulled from newsstands probably because of the article about the Suzanne Tamim murder case.” An official at the department for distributing newspapers had told Reuters, “We received orders to ban the distribution of this specific issue of Al-Dostour after it was already printed and a number of copies were shipped in a train to the south of Egypt Saturday evening.” The source continued that he did not know the reason why the issue was banned.

The article in Al-Dostour, however, did not make any mention of Moustafa in the long piece it ran on the back page of its Sunday issue about the murder investigation, referring instead to “a prominent Egyptian public figure with political and financial clout.” Suzanne Tamim was brutally murdered in her Dubai apartment on July 28. Investigations revealed that disputes began between her and her Lebanese husband and producer Adel Ma’touk eight months after they were married.

Ma’touk had accused her of conspiring with others to murder him on two occasions in Egypt and in Lebanon when they failed to reach a divorce settlement. According to the Al-Dostour report, a legal brawl between her and Ma’touk over monopoly rights, prompted her to stay in Egypt to escape a Lebanese court ruling in his favor, where she lived like an “empress” allegedly under the protection of the “prominent Egyptian figure.”

Meanwhile, three journalists from a newspaper in Cairo have been referred for questions for violating a ban on publishing a report about investigations with suspects arrested on charges of murdering Tamim. Al Dustour carried a report that two hotel security men from Cairo had confessed to killing her on behalf of an Egyptian client. One said they received $2 million for the job.

Sunday's edition of the paper disappeared from the market, officials said. The main story on the newspaper's website has the headline "Is a major Egyptian personality involved in the murder of the Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim?"

Suzan’s second husband Adel Matooq had in 2004 alleged attempts on his life by Suzan with help from others. Matooq suffered injuries when some unknown assailants shot at him outside his office in Beirut. He alleged that an Egyptian businessman with whom Suzan was having an affair, was behind the attack. The matter is still in court. Matooq also declined to divorce Suzan.


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