Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Internet Cyber Terrorist Khan, turned a 15-year-old schoolboy into Britain's youngest terrorist via the internet, has been jailed for 12 years.

Terror Cell Including Britain's Youngest Jihadist May Have Been Plotting to Attack Queen.

The terror tutor, Aabid Khan had managed to recruit the teenager to a "worldwide" holy war against non-Muslims. Khan, who was possibly plotting to attack the Queen, was a "key player" in radicalizing others as well. He had spent years building up a computer "encyclopedia" of extremist material.
In Charlotte NC we have "Samir Khan" who also runs (still operating) a Pro al-Qaeda website of a very similar nature about "kuffars and "non-believers", see Charlotte terrorist facilitator Khan's info on below: SEE UPDATE.. Monday, January 05, 2009, Charlotte NC Al-Qaeda Blog of Samir Khan Obtains New Life, Requests Allah to Kill Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner

By the time Aabid Khan met 15-year-old schoolboy Muhammad Munshi from Dewsbury he even had a file on various members of the Royal family. He lost little time enrolling the teenager in his "mission in life" - the destruction of Western values and the "wiping out" of all "kuffar" or non-believers.

The youngster, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, was in the middle of his GCSEs when arrested on his way home from school in 2006. London's Blackfriars Crown Court heard he had two bags of ball-bearings, the shrapnel of choice for suicide bombers, in his pockets and notes about martyrdom under his bed.

Leading a double life of obedient pupil by day and surfer of jihadist websites at night, he also downloaded detailed instructions about making napalm, other high explosives, detonators, and grenades, and "how to kill". The schoolboy boy then sent them to his "terrorist facilitator" Khan, and fellow cell member Sultan Muhammad, who also had a large library of terror documents on his computer.

Twice-married Khan, 23, a former fast food restaurant worker from West Yorkshire, was found guilty of three counts of possessing articles for a purpose connected with terrorism. His cousin and "right-hand man", post office night sorter Muhammad, also 23, was convicted of three possession charges and one of making a record of information likely to be useful in terrorism. He was jailed for 10 years.

Munshi, now 18, was also found guilty of making an offence. He will be sentenced next month. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith branded all three a "very real threat" following their convictions yesterday.

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