Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eight killed after 'terrorist attack' by Muslim (ETIM) separatists suicide bombers in China

A series of pre-dawn bomb attacks by Muslim separatists killed eight people in China's Xinjiang this morning. Four suicide bombers were killed in the blasts, which also killed one person, and police then shot dead three attackers. The attack, timed to coincide with the Olympic games, came nearly a week after an attack at a border police station in the region killed 16 police.

China says the Uighur militants (ETIM) in Xinjiang campaigning for a separate nation of 'East Turkestan' are a top threat to the Beijing Olympics. Witnesses saw flashes of fire and heard sporadic gunshots during the blasts in downtown Kuqa, a major town in southern Xinjiang more than 1,800 miles from Beijing.

Olympic terror fears as grenade blast kills 16 police in China just four days before opening ceremony

'The lawbreakers drove a taxi to the local public security office, industry and business administration and other sites and tossed homemade explosives, destroying two police vehicles, said the Chinese news agency.

One suspect told police 15 people were involved in the attacks. Local officials have so far refused to clarify how many died or how. A Uighur businessman in Kuqa, who gave his name as Anwar, told Reuters explosions, shots and sirens echoed through the town. 'I don't know exactly what happened, but whatever it was will make them even more worried about stability,' he said by phone.

'There were several explosions in several places in the county seat of Kuqa this morning and we heard them from the hospital,' said woman, who would only give her last name, Tian. Citing accounts from Uighurs at the scene, activist Dilxat Raxit said the explosions hit government offices and public security and military police posts.
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