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Police: Missing Florida Toddler May Have Died Accidentally
..Wednesday, August 13, 2008 .....Missing Florida 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony might have died accidentally on or around June 16, according to police. Orange County detectives told FOX News on Wednesday that they are looking at several theories as to what may have befallen the little girl.

The evidence of possible murder, considered by the judge at bond hearing, included Casey backed her car into the garage and borrowed a shovel from a neighbor; the smell of a decomposing body in the car's trunk; possible hair of Caylee found in the trunk along with a stain; a cadaver dog alerting to the trunk of the 1998 Pontiac; two different cadaver dogs alerting to same spot in the Anthony garage.

Casey Anthony Parents Home.... incident-report-re-burglary-of-gas-cans On June 24th, George Anthony - Casey’s father and Caylee’s grandfather reported that two cans of gas were stolen from his shed. The shed had been secured, and someone had broken into the shed, damaging the door and the lock. Police dusted for prints, but found none. George Anthony told police he is willing to prosecute, and did not mention that his daughter was known to steal gasoline from the family, though later this assertion was made via the media.

Casey Anthony DOB 3/19/1986 ........Arrest Affidavit On July 15th 2008 Casey Anthony contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) about her missing daughter Caylee (3 yoa), who she hadn't seen since June 9th 2008. Friday, the search warrant in the case was released, revealing that investigators have taken a long list of items from Casey's closet for DNA testing. The warrant also shows that Anthony first reported to have last seen her daughter on June 9, but changed the date later to June 16 when a photo surfaced of Caylee with her grandfather on June 15, Father's Day. And, according to the warrant, Anthony led police to three different locations where the baby sitter she claims has Caylee could be.

Casey Anthony claims she left Caylee with "Zenaida Gonzalez" a supposed babysitter who the OCSD was unable to locate and later found she did not exist. Further questioning of Casey Anthony revealed that she is a pathological liar, she told the arresting OCSD that she was employed at Universal but in reality she was fired 4/24/06, she told the arresting OCSD that "Juliette Lewis" a co-worker could confirm she worked at Universal and as to where Casey Anthony had her office, there is no "Juliette Lewis" working at Universal, there is a "Juliette Lewis" who is a movie actress and did movies like "Natural Born Killers" but I doubt that she could confirm Casey Anthony's story, complete fantasy in Casey Anthony's head.

Secondary/Neurotic Sociopath MOST DANGEROUS TYPE OF CRIMINAL Dysfunctional Upbringing, Pathological Liar, Anti Social, No Conscience, Intelligent, Manipulator, Drug/Alcohol Abuser, Charming, Emotional Thrill Seeker, Fearless, Promiscuous, Convincing Con Artist.

Casey Anthony had several boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative (liquor distributors) in bars, clubs and restaurants, this is a cash "job" and required Casey Anthony to work odd hours (happy hour crowd late afternoons, still hot) at several different Orlando locations. Since there was no babysitter, was Caylee Anthony left in the White 1998 2 door Pontiac (registered to grandparents with FL Tag) while Casey Anthony worked the bars ? Where is the car seat that 3 year old Caylee would need to have been strapped into in the 1998 white Pontiac ? It happens a lot in the Southeast summer time !

"3-Year-Old Boy Tried to Save Himself Before Dying in Hot Truck", HOUSTON —8/15/08 Harris County sheriff's deputies in Texas say a 3-year-old boy struggled to escape his mother's hot truck before dying. Cameron Thomas Boone is the second child to die in a locked, hot vehicle in the Houston area within less than 24 hours. Investigators say the boy was able to get free of his car seat in a back seat and climb into the front before losing consciousness yesterday. Sheriff's Lt. John Denholm says it appears the child tried to start the engine or open the windows. The key was found in the truck ignition. Denholm says the boy's mother found him unconscious when she returned to the truck after her shift at North Cypress Medical Center about 3:30 p.m. Thursday. She broke the back windshield and called for help, but the child was dead when she brought him into the hospital emergency room. Denholm says the woman had meant to drop the child off at day care but had forgotten he was in the truck. Another 3-year-old boy died in a hot vehicle in Houston late Wednesday afternoon. No charges have been filed in either case.

Every year in Florida during the summer months small children die after being left in a parked and locked vehicle. The temperature in a vehicle can rise to 120 degrees within minutes. During the week of June 16th, 2008 the last day Casey Anthony supposedly saw her daughter Caylee, the average day time temp in the Orlando area was 92 degrees with 95% humidity and a heat index of 103.

See video oh how hot Florida parked and locked cars get in minutes, CLICK HERE.

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