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Deputy Fired After Lying About Sexual Relationship With Casey Anthony UPDATED: 4:56 pm EDT August 26, 2008. ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- An Orange County sheriff's deputy was fired for not telling the truth about his sexual relationship with Caylee's mom Casey Anthony. While Casey was visiting her lawyer Tuesday, Eyewitness News learned that Deputy Tony Rusciano was fired.

It turns out Rusciano met Casey's ex-fiancé, Jesse Grund, while at the police academy. Grund introduced him to Casey Anthony and they began a relationship. But when Rusciano was questioned by detectives about it, they said he denied a relationship.

Detectives got computer records that proved the two had been communicating. Deputy Rusciano was still a probationary employee, so he was fired for lying.
Sources told Eyewitness News the deputy had nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance.

Where is Caylee Marie Anthony? It's a question Casey Anthony never even asked even though she told investigators she spent an entire month searching for her missing daughter.

Casey Anthony ran from cameras and into her attorney's office Tuesday morning, where she had planned to spend another whole day. Her attorney said once Casey got out of jail she'd be able to say where Caylee is.

Six days later, attorney Jose Baez told ABC's Good Morning America he hasn't had any better luck than investigators in getting her to open up. Court records reveal how Orange County Detective Yuri Melich grilled her, saying she could seem "cold, callous and a monster who doesn't care, who's just trying to get away with something." He told her Caylee "may not be the way we or the way your family last remembers her. We need to find out from you where Caylee is. This, this, this right now is just, this has gone so far down hill and this has become such a mess." Casey replied, "Uh-huh." Then Melich said, "We need to end it. It's very simple. We just need to end it." Casey answered, "I agree with you. I have no clue where she is."

The documents also show Casey's parents actually led investigators to search a new depression in the dirt near their backyard pool after they had done their own search and that they had their own lawyer the day after her arrest.

The tattoo artist who etched "Bella Vita" (Beautiful Life) on Casey's back (Tramp Stamp) two weeks after Caylee disappeared told Eyewitness News all Casey talked about was her new boyfriend, until she was asked where Caylee was and she said Caylee was fine and that she was with the nanny.

Investigators said they found a dinnerware knife among the items in the car Casey abandoned about two weeks after Caylee disappeared. Records show even the tow truck driver noticed the "smell of death" coming from the car.
The State Attorney's Office released more than 400 pages of documents Monday that include a transcript of Casey Anthony's interrogation by detectives. Eyewitness News also found out Casey wanted to give little Caylee up for adoption before she was born, but her mother, Cindy Anthony, was against it.

The documents revealed a side of the 22-year-old known only by those close to her. Casey's own mother called her a sociopath and warned friends to stay away from her. Casey's ex-fiancé told detectives she had deleted more than 200 pictures of her with her daughter Caylee that were posted online.

The documents also showed Casey wanted to give her daughter up for adoption before she was born, but her mother, Cindy Anthony, wouldn't let her. According to the transcripts, hours before Casey's arrest one detective told her, "Caylee's out there somewhere and her rotting body is starting to decompose." Casey replied, "I know my mom will never forgive me. I'm never going to forgive myself because there's that chance that I may not see Caylee again and I don't want to think about that."
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