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Caylee's favorite book, Caylee Anthony speaks about her book and Mama Papa. Fox News Phone Log of Casey Anthony

Phone Log: What Caylee's Mom's Calls Could Reveal in Search for Missing Tot, See Video of Caylee and her favorite book.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Tonight, there is breaking news in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Could the missing toddler be alive? Casey Anthony sits in jail, a person of interest in her daughter's disappearance. We learned moments ago Casey Anthony's lawyer just met with his client. Casey has been canceling jailhouse meetings with her family, so why will Casey meet with her lawyer but not her family? Well, Casey maintains her daughter has been kidnapped. Casey knows her jailhouse meetings with her family are taped, and she says she is afraid whoever has little Caylee will hurt the toddler. Joining us is Drew Petrimoulx, reporter for WDBO radio Orlando Fl.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, in terms of the child being hurt, is there anything at all to suggest that anyone is going to hurt that child, or that somebody has that child is going to hurt that child, or is that Casey alone making those statements?

PETRIMOULX: That again is just Casey. I mean, as far as where she is, investigators say they're waiting for that information to come from Casey. They're looking for her, but you know, as to who has her or if she's in any kind of danger, you know, they haven't been able to say that. One point that I think is important to make when we're talking about the reason why Casey isn't meeting with her family -- when that first developed and we asked Cindy Anthony why she wasn't, you know, meeting with her daughter, why her daughter turned her away, she didn't mention anything about protecting the child. What she said was that she may be mad at her for a visit that Cindy had canceled, and you know, that it was basically her prerogative to deny her these visits. You know, we didn't get that from her that this was out of protection. That came from the lawyer, Jose Baez.

VAN SUSTEREN: And of course, the lawyer, I -- at least I would think that the lawyer would want to stop any of those conversations with the family because under Florida law, those conversations do get out, and that's the lawyer's job to try to stop that. All right. What's Casey doing in jail all day? She's not meeting with her family. Do you know what she's doing?

PETRIMOULX: Yes, well, I actually talked with a jail spokesman, and he said, you know, it's a pretty secluded life that she's living in there. She is separated from all of the other prisoners. She has about an hour a day to take a shower and for hygienic reasons. She can brush her teeth and stuff like that. And she also has an hour of recreation. I talked to him, he said she's not watching much TV. She can -- she does catch the news every once in a while. But for her to watch TV, they have the -- to take all the other inmates out of the room so that she can be in the TV room in seclusion. So moving her around the jail, everything, is a big deal because, you know, she's in such a high-profile case and she's in protective custody.

VAN SUSTEREN: In a few moments, we're going to have the record of the log of the phone calls on June 16 and June 18. Let me ask you this. Are those -- June 16, 17 and 18 -- are the police focusing on those days as being particularly important?

PETRIMOULX: Those seem to be very crucial days. And what we've heard from -- or what we've learned from the phone logs is that there was a flurry of calls made from Casey to her mother, Cindy, that went unanswered. That was the 16th. On the 17th, a neighbor says he lent Casey a shovel for about an hour. Then the next day, June 18, she had her car backed into the garage like she usually didn't have it. The neighbor said he thought that was suspicious. So those are three days that, you know, could determine the outcome of this investigation.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me back up. It goes -- it started at 3:03, 3:03 PM.WATTS: OK, Greta, and let me just back up a little bit for you just to set the stage a little bit. Don't forget, at 12:50, just before 1:00 PM, George claimed that he saw Casey and Caylee leave the house. Then George himself leaves the house at 2:30 PM. Now let's jump ahead. Casey's making phone calls on her cell phone.

3:03 PM, she calls her dad on his cell phone.

4:10 PM, she calls her mom at work.

4:11 PM, she calls her mom on her cell phone.

4:13 PM, she calls her mom on her cell phone.

4:14 PM, she calls her mom at work.

4:19 PM, she calls Tony Lazzaro (ph).

4:21 PM, she calls Jesse Grund (ph).

4:24 PM, mom on her cell.

6:32 PM, mom on home phone.

6:33 PM, voice-mail.

7:06 PM, mom home.

7:20 PM, she calls her friend, Amy. Now, if you notice, these calls that are a minute apart -- if I call you and I don't -- I get your voice-mail and I hang up, that registers as a minute.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, we have our team on the ground in Orlando, Florida, digging for answers in the disappearance of little Caylee Anthony. And moments ago, "On the Record" producer Steph Watts spoke to a member of the Orange County sheriff's office.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Tell me -- let's give names. Tony Lazzaro, that's her boyfriend?

WATTS: Yes, Tony Anthony (SIC) is the boyfriend who was the promoter at Club Fusian, which we're going to take a look at a little later on in the show. And Amy Huisinga (ph) is the girl that the mother found the resume in the car and she was the one who took Cindy to where Casey was. And Casey was using her car that week while Amy (SIC) was away, and unfortunately, Casey also stole money from her and checks.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, in all fairness, if you look at my phone records, you know, it might show a flurry of phone calls, as well. But nonetheless, it's just a piece of the puzzle. All right. Let's -- now, you don't have anything for the next day, Tuesday, do you. You were - - you suddenly jumped to Wednesday. Why don't you have Tuesday's records?

WATTS: Well, Greta, it's interesting because the 17th seems to be sort of a blurry day for us in this timeline. As you know, you and I are working this story. We're trying to put this timeline together. The 17th, we haven't come up with the records yet. We don't know what was happening on the 17th. Of course, obviously, very curious as to what was going on on the 17th. The next phone records we have are the 18th. And again, that date is significant because that's the date that Casey borrowed the shovel from the neighbor.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. And so tell me -- give me the list of calls on the 18th for which we have records.

WATTS: Sure. Again, on the 18th -- and again, we don't know what time exactly she borrowed the shovel from them, but on the 18th at

12:33 PM, she calls mom at home

12:34 PM, Mom cell.

12:35 PM, mom at home.

12:36 PM, dad's cell.

1:09 PM, mom's cell.

1:11 PM, mom home.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, it of the June 16 phone calls that you first recited, do you have any idea whether it pinged off the tower near her home to indicate that she was likely making or could have been making those calls from home?

WATTS: Well, that's a good question, Greta, and I'm sure investigators are taking a look at that. They obviously haven't released that information to us because it's part of their ongoing investigation. But now, remember, the last phone call she made was 7:20 to Amy. There's no incoming or outgoing calls on Casey's cell phone, Greta, until 11:00 AM the next day.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Steph, thank you.

WATTS: You're welcome.

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