Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bounty Hunter Says He's Revoking Bond Posted For Casey Anthony, she is headed back to jail as Caylee appears to be dead

Bounty Hunter Says He's Revoking Bond Posted For Casey Anthony ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- The men who helped Casey Anthony get out of jail said Thursday morning they will take steps to get her locked back up. Casey was still a free woman Thursday 8/28/08, but possibly not for long.

The bail bondsman and the bounty hunter who helped her get out will soon take steps to revoke her bond less than 24 hours after Channel 9 broke the news that scientific evidence found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car did match her daughter Caylee and that evidence suggests that Caylee is dead.

The bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla should have never gotten involved in the Casey Anthony case, it appears that he was not aware of public records and OCSD investigative reports on Casey Anthony that indicated she was lying and being deceptive about the whereabouts of the then "missing" child Caylee Anthony.

See, Casey Anthony DOB 3/19/1986 ........Arrest Affidavit On July 15th 2008.

See, Casey Anthony... search-warrant at the parents home.

See, Casey Anthony Parents Home.... incident-report-re-burglary-of-gas-cans.

Any fool could figure out that Casey Anthony was lying but Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla couldn't, the above documents were available to anyone, on-line, in July 2008, maybe Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla should get a computer.

The bounty hunter who's been staying outside of the Anthony home in an RV told Eyewitness News it's just not safe for Casey Anthony to be out of jail anymore. Casey Anthony left her parents home in the back of a minivan to visit her attorney at 10:00am Thursday 8/28/08. It could be the last time she sees him outside of jail.

"As far as you're concerned, she's going back to jail?" WFTV reporter Daralene Jones asked Padilla on Thursday morning "As far as I'm concerned, it has to be that way. Like I said, the safety issue," Padilla told Eyewitness News on Thursday morning.

Padilla said he wants to start the process to revoke her bond as early as Thursday in light of the latest developments and threats he's received in the last 24 hours. "Kill the b****. Burn the b****. Fry the b****," Padilla described.

The harsh words came over the phone right after Eyewitness News broke the story about new FBI test results. A source close to the investigation told Eyewitness News that it proves hair and a stain found inside of Casey Anthony's white Pontiac belong to her daughter and she is dead.

For weeks, the family has insisted a bad odor in the trunk of the car was from an old pizza. "Do you think Casey killed Caylee?" WFTV reporter Daralene Jones asked Padilla. "Accidentally. I think there was an accident," he said.

When Casey's father George returned home from an errand Thursday morning, he closed the garage door before we could get his reaction to the bombshell. Cindy Anthony denied there was any truth to the evidence.

"Cindy did you want to say anything about the new developments?" WFTV reporter Daralene Jones asked Cindy on Thursday. "There is no new development," Cindy said. "They're saying now Caylee is dead," Jones told her.
"No, they came and talked to me yesterday. Get the hell off my property," Cindy said. Padilla told Eyewitness News he regrets posting the bond, but it was not a complete loss for him; he received a lot of publicity.

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