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Bombings in Mogadishu Somalia kills 20, linked to Al-Shabaab group.. CNN World News.
The Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahidiin is closely associated, if not an integral part of Al-Qaeda, militarily and ideologically, in the Horn of Africa. Witnesses described an especially grisly and panicked scene on Sunday after a street sweeper accidentally tripped a large roadside bomb. The blast rocked a busy road between the Ambassador hotel and the Haji Pasto Garage. The road where they were working is a main route for Somali and Ethiopian troops in the southern part of the city where most Ethiopian soldiers are stationed. Al-Shabaab have been at the forefront of an Iraq-style insurgency targeting the government with assassinations, mortar strikes and roadside bombs. The group vowed to retaliate after their leader, Aden Hashi Ayro, thought to be al Qaeda's leader in Somalia, was killed in a U.S. air strike in May /08.

The attacks in Mogadishu that killed 20 women and children follow a period of relative calm
after a peace agreement was signed last month. But the agreement between the government and some elements of the Islamic insurgency has also fueled power struggles on both sides of the conflict. Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys a hardline leader of Al-Shabaab, who rejected the deal seized control of the Islamist resistance from a more moderate leader last week.... Al Shabaab was initially set up to protect leaders and group members of the Somali Islamic Courts and to carry our assassinations of foreign targets. Recently killed Al-Shabaab leader Aden Ayro (by a US Missile fired from Tampa Fl) was hand picked to go to Afghanistan by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys. Aweys was the leader of the Shura Islamic Courts Union of Somalia. This group aim is to create am Islamic state in Somalia that is ruled by Islamic sharia law. Aweys is believed to be part of the group that carried out the bombings of the two U.S. Embassys in 1998 that killed hundreds.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys is a leader of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and he is al-Qaeda. On November 7, 2001, Aweys was named a supporter of terrorism in a supplement of Executive Order 13224 of United States President George W. Bush. Hassan Aweys is also on the terrorist list of the United States Department of State.


The movement of Al-Shabaab does not meet with the apostasy groups, nor hold meetings with them, nor reach agreements with them. The only thing that can take place between us is for us to slaughter them (severing their heads), until they make Towba, for the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said “Kill he who changes his religion.” We are stressing once again that the reports that some of the media stations in Mogadishu have released of meetings of such kind that have taken place in Hudur are all lies, and there are no generals from Al-Shabaab who have met with the apostasy groups there, nor is there anyone from the movement of Al-Shabaab who has told the media outlets such information.
The bomb attack in Mogadishu 8/03/01 that killed 20 women and children has the markings of the Al-Shabaab terror group who are linked to al-Qaeda. The Al-Shabaab head hunters have made repated claims on their website that bombings would continue in Moadishu and around Somalia.

The supporters of Al-Shabaab in the US and Europe find government resources in welfare, food stamps and other assistance such as income tax returns as easily convertible resource for Jihad in Southern Somalia. And it certainly does find its way into the Al-Shabaab. In all practical terms, financial jihad is designed to sustain self-sacrificing jihad and enable it to achieve its goals on the battlefield. Major Wahhabi Islam proponent institutions such as the Al-Medina University (Saudi Arabia), strongly teach Muslims, moderate or extreme, the duty to support the global mujahidin, determined that "financial jihad applies to all Muslims in accordance with each person's capability.

The Al-Shabaab organization aspires to take over Somalia and spill-over it’s ideology throughout the Horn of Africa and onwards to the Central, South and Eastern Africa at large. The organization aims to remove Western influence in the Horn of Africa and eventually in Africa while spreading Wahhabi Islamic beliefs and, in the process, liquidate all other forms of traditional Islam that has been the norm in most parts of east Africa.

Al-Shabaab’s Public Relations and Advocacy as well as Internal and External Media & the Internet. The main source of power of Al-shabaab remains at the village and community centres where they have cultivated close public relations in South-central Somalia. The main asset of al- Shabaab is that they operate among their clans and wear no uniform. At the regional level in the Horn of Africa, the local radio stations and news papers remain the main sources and outlet of Al-Shabaab propaganda.

At the international level, the BBC, the VOA and the internet remain major outlet channels of the Al-Shabaab news and public relations for global information dissemination as these sources report successive military gains of the Al-Shabaab, taking good advantage of the TFG-Ethiopian blanket silence of the fighting. At some point, several main Al-Shabaab websites were operating - and but were later closed down. Currently operates intermittently. The website appears to have been supported by Shabelle Telecom in Sweden where it was believed to be have been updated on daily bases. Other remote servers are possibly in Malaysia and Singapore with the USA web hosting done by "Dotster" in Vancouver WA USA.

The main contents of the Al-Shabaab website are sent out of Somalia as email attachments. There is some possibility that Saudi Arabian based IT specialists at the Universities in Mecca and Medina are used to develop and update the website

Al-Shabaab in Somalia is Al-Qaeda. "Defeat the Ethiopian crusaders, their apostate brethren (the USA) and who ever stands in their ranks.
Source: (official Al-shabaab Al mujahideen website). Translated By : Abo Bilaal for Contact us @

Al-Shabaab's offical website is seen here, the translated website is seen by clicking here, they solicit funds and recruit additional "fighters" online, the website is hosted in the USA by the Dotster Web Hosting Company in Vancouver WA.
Al-Shabaab in Somalia is Al-Qaeda.
Dotster web hosting; DOTSTER INC
8100 NE Parkway Dr #300Vancouver, WA 98662, USA
Phone 1-360-449-5985 or 1-360-449-5900

Is Vancouver WA still in the USA ? The Columbian Newspaper in Vancouver WA wrote an attack piece on Private Investigator Bill Warner calling him a "Internet Censor" because he insisited that the DOTSTER web hosting company shut down the Al-Shabaab website a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Organization by the U. S. Department of State since Feb. of 2008.


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