My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


UPDATE August 16, 2019 Al-Muhajiroun group aka Islamic Thinkers Socirty: Britain’s dangerous extremist group al-Muhajiroun renewed after release of key terrorists from prison, al-Muhajiroun links to Queens NY says PI Bill Warner. INDEPENDENT UK WRITES: Britain’s “most prolific and dangerous extremist group” is regenerating following the release of several convicted terrorists from prison. Supporters of Anjem Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun group carried out atrocities including the London Bridge attack, 7/7 London bombings and murder of Lee Rigby, and many have fought for Isis, al-Qaeda and the Taliban abroad. Choudary is among several activists released from prison in the past six months, as well as men who canvassed support for ISIS on Oxford Street and members of a terror cell that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange in 2010. The head of national counterterror policing said officers were working to disrupt terrorist activity by al-Muhajiroun, which has shown itself to be adept at surviving past crackdowns.

The warning comes as debate rages over the potential danger posed by teenage “jihadi bride” Shamima Begum and other ISIS members who want to return to the UK. The group’s annual State of Hate report said al-Muhajiroun supporters have recently been seen at street preaching stalls in east London, made appearances at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and started new social media accounts. Ricardo McFarlane, who was filmed alongside London Bridge ringleader Khuram Butt, future ISIS executioner Siddhartha Dhar and other al-Muhajiroun members in 2015, was seen by The Independent debating Islam with Tommy Robinson supporters outside the Old Bailey in September. Hope Not Hate says al-Muhajiroun units are currently active in parts of London, Luton and Derby, with smaller numbers of supporters in Birmingham, Leicester and Slough. 

Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Neil Basu, the head of UK counter terror policing, said al-Muhajiroun members would not be allowed to incite terrorism, or exploit social problems and tensions. Mr Lowles called al-Muhajiroun “Britain’s most prolific and dangerous extremist group” and warned that while Choudary and co-defendant Mizanur Rahman are under tight license conditions, their release could inspire other fanatics. The group was first banned in 2006, making membership a terror offense, but it re-emerged under numerous new names including Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades to evade the law. David Videcette, a former counter terrorism detective in the Metropolitan Police who investigated the group in the 2000s, said they “operated on right on the periphery of the law”. “Choudary eventually got caught for offering support to ISIS but the group continually morphs – we need to target individuals," he warned.
 I exposed these al-Muhajiroun dirtballs back in August of 2008, they were directly linked to Muslim terrorists in Queens like Yousef al Khattab who ended up doing hard time in Federal Prison. The leader of the Islamic Thinkers Society in Queens NY, is/ws Mohammed Nussrah. Nussrah is/was seeking "suiciders" in New York City. The Islamic Thinkers Society is/was a Muslim group based in New York City that seeks the goal of restoring the Islamic Caliphate to create what they call “an ideal Islamic society.” They are located mainly in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, United States. Islamic Thinkers Society is an offshoot of Al-Muhajiroun, a pro-al Qaeda British Islamist extremist group. UK Terrorist Anjem Choudary and NYC Islamic Thinkers Society Members Are Enemy Combatants And as Such Are Legitimate Targets.
"Between 2006 and 2012, two men working on opposite sides of the struggle between global jihadis and the United States faced off in New York City. One was the founder of Revolution Muslim, a group which proselytized—online and on New York streets—on behalf of al-Qa`ida. The other led efforts to track the terrorist threat facing the city. Here, they tell the inside story of the rise of Revolution Muslim and how the NYPD, by using undercover officers and other methods, put the most dangerous homegrown jihadi support group to emerge on U.S. soil since 9/11 out of business". 
It was me all the time Revolution Muslim gang LOL, see photo. NYPD dismantles Revolution Muslim gang. As the Islamic State adjusts to its loss of territory, this case study provides lessons for current and future counterterrorism investigations. The disruption and destruction of the Revolution Muslim terror network in Queens NY was of critical importance. Through its violent ideology and prowess in radicalization and recruitment in the West, the network was connected to almost 20 American and British terrorists, with plots that included a September 2011 attempt to fly a remote-controlled plane strapped with explosives into the Pentagon, a March 2010 plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who satirized the Prophet Muhammad by Colleen LaRose (aka Jihad Jane), the May 2010 stabbing of a British member of Parliament, a Christmas bomb plot in 2010 against the London Stock Exchange, the January 2009 targeting of the Chabad-Lubuvitch headquarters in Brooklyn, death threats against the creators of South Park in April 2010, and a November 2011 lone-actor bomb plot in New York City.
One member of the Revolution Muslim network was killed in a drone strike in Yemen (Samir Khan my buddy LOL), where he had joined al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Several attempted to leave the United States to fight for al-Qa`ida Core and al-Shabaab between 2007 and 2011, and some joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria during 2013 and 2014. All in all, there were at least 15 plots, arrests, or kinetic military actions related to members of the Revolution Muslim network worldwide.

Before he founded Revolution Muslim, Yousef al Khattab was the chief ideologue of the Islamic Thinkers Society, Khattab was just recently released from prison. Bryant Neal Vinas, a Hispanic Catholic convert to Islam from Long Island who was convicted of participating in and supporting Al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the U.S., moved in Islamic Thinkers Society circles in New York before he left the U.S. The group’s informal spokesman and the site’s most prolific poster, who goes by the name Mohammed Nussrah, has a personal page in which the group’s anti-violence motto was placed directly beneath a picture of the Koran beside an automatic weapon. After The Observer contacted the group, Mr. Nussrah’s picture of the Koran and the gun disappeared, as did the image of Osama bin Laden elsewhere on the site.
Mr. Nussrah, who is identified on the group’s videos as a tall, light-skinned man, has been identified by the Associated Press as a Brooklyn native, but could not be located under that name. Mr. Nussrah’s profile on the Islamic Thinkers site also links to a personal art site. There, at , are images of dead and grieving American soldiers with the caption: "Say to those who disbelieve, ‘You will be defeated and gathered together in Hell …. ’" The site also features a map of North America with two guns crossed beneath it and, for good measure, an image with the caption "Shias Are Toilets." (The Islamic Thinkers are, according to discussions on their site, faithful to a strict Sunni tradition, said Michael Kern, an analyst at the SITE Institute.)
One image is a mock advertisement for an imaginary video game, "Mujahideen Strike II," which features an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center and an ax slicing the Statue of Liberty in half. (For good measure, the statue is placed atop a Star of David.) A woman has led a controversial mixed-gender Islamic prayer service, with organisers of the event saying they are "ushering Islam into the 21st century". Amina Wadud, a professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University said the service she was leading was "only one aspect of emphasising the belief in the reality that women are equal" under Islam. "This woman is tarnishing the whole Islamic faith," said Mohammed Nussrah, a Brooklyn native whose family originally hails from Algeria. He screamed that Wadud does not speak for pious, mainstream Muslims. Wadud's actions have drawn criticism from many Muslims. "All she is doing is twisting the interpretation of Islam to suit her needs. This is blasphemy, pure and simple," said Nussrah, a member of a local Muslim group named the Islamic Thinkers. "If this was an Islamic state, this woman would be hanged."

I was able to access the Forum Page on the ITS web site earlier this year, before it become password and "vouched" protected, see link click here . Updated 4-27-08 - The I.T.S. Forum is not accepting any new members. In order for you to become a member of this forum you would have to be "vouched". This means that you would have to be invited in by a current member of the forum. This is our rules. Please respect it. Updated 4-27-08 - You must be active on the forum with posts. Any members with 0 posts for 30 days will have their account terminated. The Islamic Thinkers Society advocates violent Jihad in the USA on their "vouched" password protected Forum page see link click here. The group took on the same name as an extremist group in England, Al-Muhajiroun, that follows Omar Bakri Muhammed, a controversial sheik, said several Muslim community leaders, one of whom who provided fliers the group once distributed under that name. 
After 9/11, the New York group (Al-Muhajiroun) broke up and several of its former members re-emerged two years ago as the Islamic Thinkers Society. "Our funding comes from our pockets," says Moahmmed Nussrah. Syed Fahad Hashmi was finally extradited to the US on May 25 2007. He had been arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on June 6, 2006, suspected of assisting an Al Qaeda terrorist plot, and assisting jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq. A resident of Flushing, Queens, he was a follower of the Islamic Thinkers Society. After 9/11, he had invited a member of Al-Muhajiroun to talk at the campus of Brooklyn College, where he had been a student. His arrest last year happened as he was boarding a flight to Pakistan. Hashmi was also a senior figure in Al Muhajiroun's US network. Investigations by private detective Bill Warner have been crucial in piecing together the links between the British membership of Al Muhajiroun with their counterparts in New York, and their combined links with terrorism. The recent Operation Crevice terrorism trial, which concluded in London on April 30 had heard testimony from a former Al Muhajiroun member turned supergrass Mohamed Junaid Babar (Queens NY).
In 2005, Bill Warner took BBC journalist Richard Watson to the Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Avenue, Woodside, which had been taken over by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir in the mid 1990s. Watson videotaped Bill Warner's interview with imam Aqeel Khan, who spoke of the problems of radicals at the mosque. Mr Warner's sleuthing managed to show that Junaid Babar, who was an Al Muhajiroun member from Queens, had attended the Woodside mosque, and here in 1999 had first met Sajil Shahid. Shahid had founded the Al Muhajiroun office in Lahore in Pakistan, which became a center for ferrying British jihadists (including the five men convicted of the Operation Crevice plot, and also Mohammed Sidique Khan, leader of London's 7/7 bombers) from Lahore to the regions bordering with Afghanistan, where they met Taliban and Al Qaeda controllers.Mr Warner's investigations also showed that a meeting took place at the Masjid al-Fatima mosque from June 2 to 4, 2000, with lectures given by Sajil Shahid. This three day convention was also attended by an individual called "Brother Fahad", who is Syed "Fahad" Hashmi.
NYPD 2006 and 2007 REPORT INDICATES THAT THE BANNED TERROR GROUP, AL-MUHAJIROUN IS OPERATING IN NEW YORK CITY AND IN OTHER LOCATIONS AROUND THE COUNTRY (BALTIMORE); Recent investigative reports also show that al-Muhajiroun members from the Baltimore area have been meeting at the Islamic Center of Queens, see video, Click here, taken with a BBC News Crew during an interview with the Mosque's founder Aqeel Khan. Page 72 of the NYPD terror report. Al-Muhajiroun and Islamic Thinkers Society Al-Muhajiroun was founded by Syrian militant Omar Bakri as an affiliate of the local branch of the transnational Hizb-ut-Tahrir movement. Although al-Muhajiroun has since disbanded in the U.K., a number of offshoot organizations have emerged.

The Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) is an organization primarily composed of 2nd and 3rd generation college-age Americans of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent and espouses the same extremist worldview as al-Muhajiroun. Islamic Thinkers Society claims that the worldwide Muslim community is under attack by a hostile West. However, ITS is careful not to explicitly call for violence. The group has a Wahhabi orientation and is quick to impart “takfir” upon other Muslims who they consider apostates. In March 2006 their intolerance was on full display as they disrupted an annual religious Shi'a Ashura procession on Park Avenue in Manhattan. “The mischief mongers manhandled a religious scholar, calling him an infidel, and spread materials mocking Islamic jurists they consider too moderate.” Moreover, the small knot of angry young men waved placards which read. "Shia are NOT Muslims!" and "Shia is made of superstitious elements of Judaism." ITS and other similar organizations serve as indoctrination accelerants due to their ability to act as both incubators and proliferators of radicalization. Their use of the English language as well as the internet amplifies their message and specifically resonates with 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in the West, many of whom speak or read little, if any Arabic. Thus, even in the virtual world, this organization successfully recruits, indoctrinates, and trains aspiring extremists, (terrorists and suicide bombers).

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