My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


ATTENTION TAMPA NIGHT CLUBBERS, YOU WERE GIVING YOUR CAR KEYS (AND HOUSE KEYS) TO THE MOB ! Co-owner of Prestige Valet in Tampa, John Alite aka John Alletto (photo), was the "wiseguy" who acted as the go between the New York Gotti Mob family and the Tampa Gotti underworld, this guy may have been in your car and had access to all of your keys, your name and home address info from the car registration, that is always in the glove box or visor. The former alleged boss of the Tampa Gotti Mob enterprise, John E. Alite, is awaiting trial in Tampa after being captured and extradited from Brazil. Prestige Valet had contracts with the Turtle Club, an 80,000-square-foot nightclub in Clearwater, Stingers nightclub in Tampa and Thee Doll House a Tampa strip club to name just 3. At its height, Prestige Valet brought in between $4,000 and $5,000 a week, all cash. So guess what Mr. "I'm Too Cool To Park My Own Car" if you have become a victim of ID theft, a burglary or even had your car stolen within weeks of using one of Mr. Alite's associated "Valet Services" you my friend have been had. "Prestige Valet" parked cars at Channelside restaurants, hospitals and nude dance clubs.

John Gotti mob "Captain" Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio tapped fellow New Yorker John Alite to head his Tampa crew beginning about 1993, the records state. By that point, Alite was already well known to federal authorities. In 1989, he and another man were arrested with John A. Gotti Jr., son of the late mob boss, and accused of beating up two men and a woman in a Long Island night club. Alite admitted he was dazzled by the glamour of organized crime and became good friends with John Gotti Jr., the son of the legendary boss of the Gambino crime family, who was from the same neighborhood. In November 1995, Alite got in trouble again when he was stopped with a gun. As a convicted felon, he couldn’t legally own one. He was sentenced to three years in Allenwood Federal Prison. While there, he met New York mobster Antonio Parlavecchio. In 2002, Alite was sent to prison again for smuggling sperm collection kits in and out of Allenwood for Parlavecchio’s wife. He was never fully accepted in the Gotti Mob world, he said, because he was Albanian, not Italian.

In the mid 1990s, Alite became involved in a valet company called A&A of Tampa, which later changed its name to Prestige Valet. Prestige had contracts with St. Joseph's Hospital and the shops in Channelside, according to court documents. The company also parked cars at restaurants and nude clubs. Valet parking offers other advantages to the Mafia. The business provides legitimate jobs for mob associates, especially those on probation or who have to stay out of trouble for a while. And some crime rings duplicate keys and later steal the cars or break into homes.

Officials announced today the unsealing of two related indictments charging six men, including John Gotti Jr, with conspiracy to violate racketeering statutes. They charged two of those six men with other crimes, all of which they said were a criminal enterprise operating under the direction of the Gambino crime family. John Gotti Jr. is the son of the late Gambino family boss known as the "Dapper Don."

08/05/08...Six Men-Including John A. Gotti-Charged in Tampa with RICO Conspiracy for Roles in Gambino Crime Family
08/05/08...Indicment: John A. Gotti
08/05/08...Indictment: John A. Burke, James V. Cadicamo, David D'Arpino, Michael D. Finnerty and Guy T. Peden

The U.S. Attorney's Office says that between 1983 and July 31 of this year, five defendants, Cadicamo and four New York men, John A. Burke, 47; David D'Arpino, 33; Michael D. Finnerty, 43, and Guy T. Peden, 47, were involved with Malone and others in a criminal enterprise. Their crimes included murder, bribery, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking, loan sharking, jury tampering, witness tampering, burglary and money laundering, among others, officials said.

They said the men were directed by Gambino association John Alite, who was charged in the same Tampa indictment in which Trucchio went to trial in 2006. Alite, a former University of Tampa student and baseball player, was described as the bridge between the New York mobsters and crimes in Tampa. He is accused of acting as the crew's street boss and running its every day activities in Tampa.

He also was co-owner of Prestige Valet, and authorities said he used his alleged mob ties to threaten in and intimidate others in the Tampa valet business. He spent three years in a Brazilian prison fighting extradition but was eventually returned to Tampa to face charges.

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