Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"Ultra Right Wing Conservative Bloggers" intentionally want people to confuse Presidential candidate Barack Obama with terrorist Osama bin-Ladin whose death many Americans want, and then on the Internet incite violence against the Senator.

Are the "Ultra right Wing Conservative Bloggers" trying to encourage someone to kill Obama ? Are they openly inciting violence ? The constant barrage of unsubstantiated rhetoric from "Ultra Right Wing Conservative Bloggers" that US Senator Barack Obama is "Muslim", he is the "Anti-Christ", he was not born in the United States, and that his major cash contributions come from Islamic Terrorists, appears to be working, so far in the last 30 days there appears to be at least 2 possible plots to kill US Senator Barack Obama, nice going nut jobs !

Like him or not, Barack Obama is an elected US Senator and running for President of the United States and currently is forced to have one of the largest US Secret Service details (numbers in the dozens) ever for a Presidential candidate. Democratic Senator Barack Obama had been placed under Secret Service protection on May 7th 2007, the earliest ever for a U.S. presidential candidate, the agency said. According to a senior law enforcement official, the security detail was prompted by general concerns about the safety of a prominent black candidate. Although there was no direct threat to Obama, several factors raised concerns, including some racist talk on white supremacist websites.

Just recently, August 25th, 3 ex-con white supremacist's were arrested outside Denver loaded to the teeth with sniper rifles and ammo, see; Three men and a woman have been arrested and FBI and secret service agents are investigating claims that there were plans to use a high-powered Sniper rifle with a telescopic sight to shoot Mr Obama at the Democratic Party's four-day convention in Denver. All three men belong to Aryan Nations, according to Victor Ross, the police chief in Glendale, a suburb of Denver where one of the suspects was arrested. The other two were held in Aurora, another suburb. The so-called meth-heads had the right "equpment" for a hit, two high- powered rifles with telescopic sights, a Remington Model 721-270 bolt action rife, a Ruger M77, Mark II 22-250 bolt action rifle, and boxes of factory-loaded .22-250 Remington cartridges that can propel a 55 grain spitzer bullet at 3,680 ft/s with 1,654 ft·lbf of energy, having effective energy for use in hunting at great distance, (600 yards or more).

On August 2nd a man was arrested in Miami after making threats to assassinate US Senator Barack Obama with a sniper rifle. Raymond Geisel had reportedly told others at a bail bondsman's class that he wanted to kill the Illinois senator, ''if he wanted to kill Sen. Obama, he simply would shoot him with a sniper rifle,. Geisel a 22-year-old accused of threatening to assassinate both President Bush and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pleaded not guilty Wednesday 8/20/08 in federal court in Miami. Raymond Hunter Geisel allegedly made the threats during a two-week bail bondsman training class last month in Miami and later at a hotel where the students were staying.

The court-appointed attorney for Geisel entered the plea at a brief hearing before a federal magistrate judge. Geisel, who has been in custody without bail since his Aug. 2 arrest, spoke only his name and age. Geisel had previously been charged with threatening to kill Obama. The new charge of making a threat against Bush was added in a grand jury indictment made public Wednesday. Each charge carries a maximum of five years in federal prison. One student from the bail bondsman class heard Geisel threaten Obama, saying, ''If he gets elected, I'll assassinate him myself,'' according to an affidavit by Special Agent Paul R. Adie of the U.S. Secret Service.

Let the Democrats and Republicans fight it out at general election time with both candidates still standing and may the best man win.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

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